Thursday, April 30, 2015

Multi Children Errand Champion and One Time Balance Achiever

My UP fitness band tells me that I walked a total of 10,839 steps today exceeding my daily goal of 10K. It's a rewarding feeling before going to bed, that's for sure. I didn't even have a chance to carve out time for an actual walk so I pretty much spent the entire day in constant motion.

Like most days I lay here feeling thoroughly exhausted after all that the day has brought me. Getting older is never more clear to me than in the late evening hours when I'm actually crampy all over. I'm one geritol away from bitching when it rains. Or maybe this is normal for 40 year olds. Who knows?

Today I,

--Woke up to Chance and Indy snuggled in tight between Eugene and I.  My two year old lover woke up in the middle of the night (because he knows I'll come get him)  and I went running like the total SUCKA that I am. I can't help it, our midnight rendezvous will be over before I know it. So for now, this love affair is in full force.

--Smiled at how helpful Chance was at folding clothes. He put so much effort into folding them and was so proud of himself and his helpfulness around the house lately is really, really sweet. But then when he wasn't looking I refolded everything because I have control issues. 

--Knocked off a FOUR store challenge with Chance and Indy which is pretty impossible considering one was a pet store and one was Costco, both of which could easily add 30 min to your overall time if you're not careful. But we did it dammit and I made it back in time for Mia's poetry jam at school.

--Watched with love and admiration as my girl Mia read aloud her poetry to a room full of classmates and parents. She's so, so special. Her kindness and old soul is something I just can't live without. Everyone needs a Mia in their life. 

--Brought Bella to her First Communion prep (it's this Sunday) and carefully listened as Father Mike spoke to me about being a good example for my children. He described to us (with such detail) about a few childhood examples where his father showed honesty, virtue and love for his family. These moments stuck with him his whole life well into his priesthood and it reminded me how every choice I make is watched and learned by my children. And I tell ya, it got me thinking a whole lot. I thought about the example I've set so far, about how I sometimes fail my kids and how I could be better in the eyes of the church. Darn Catholic guilt, gets me every time. But I also reflected on what a great job Eugene and I are doing teaching our kids kindness, loyalty and responsibility. This Sunday is such a big milestone for Bella. I'm thrilled for her to begin this new journey and mental note, seeing your daughter in a white dress and veil is quite the moment.

While I don't need a number of steps to remind me that my day was fulfilling, it's comforting to know that I've achieved something today both physically and spiritually. Achieving that balance almost never happens to me.

Be the example.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Taco Tuesday and Returning Home

What's that old diddy ('bout Jack and Diane) about letting go and if they really love you they'll come back, well, how about we all agree that I set my blog free for about the past 4 months and sure enough she found her way back. Like a poor lost dog scratching to be let in I've welcomed her back with open arms.

I really do love this little place of mine.

I am just so completely overwhelmed with my day-to-day that updating hasn't been a priority. Tisk, tisk Gina. We've got so much going on around here.

These next 4 weeks are insane for us since we have 2 birthdays and a Communion and then we leave for our highly anticipated SUMMER VACATION!!!!

I simply cannot wait!

Today was a great day. Chance had his first playdate at his friends house and apparently they had a blast. They dressed up like Superheros, learned to style their own hair and built a house out of couch cushions. Sounds pretty great, huh?! Chance is getting so big and so responsible and it just makes me so proud to watch him everyday.  After school the kids headed outside to play and I happened to look up from the sink and notice Mia and Chance sitting underneath the magnolia tree---drawing.

It was like a scene out of Ann of Green Gables. So of course, I grabbed my phone because even a blurry picture zoomed in 4x is worth capturing the magic of this particular moment.

Simply precious.

We also celebrated Taco Tuesday with um, tacos. But this isn't your run-of-the-mill El Paso recipe, heck no, Eugene goes all out. Three different types of sauces, the most perfectly marinated carne asada and all the grilled veggies you can fit into your tortilla. The whole fam dam joined us on our patio for the first inaugural outside meal of the year. Enjoy it now Gina, cuz it'll only last for another month until the damn mosquitos invade and keep us inside again until October. Remind me why we live here?

During dinner the kids passed out tickets to an after-dinner ballet show on our lawn starring themeselves. Bella, Mia and Chance reenacted their own version of The Nutcracker with several dance numbers to the Sugar Plum Fairy song and Sia's "Chandelier." Hilarious mash-up, btw. They twirled and leaped and even used a stuffed ride-on donkey as a prop.

The neighbors must think we're nuts.

Cuz, we are.

Here's the video I put together celebrating Wolf Week with Chance. Notice the Santa hats? Yeah, told ya I'm a little behind :)


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