Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And so it begins...

Today was Bella's first day of school. Preschool that is. But from the ridiculous tears that I shed you would have thought she was a high school valedictorian. Seriously's PRESCHOOL. TWO DAYS A WEEK. FOR TWO MEASLY HOURS. I know, I know, get a grip. But the scene was so precious. She picked out her own dress that I proceeded to iron for her (which I rarely do) (okay, never). We filled her very pink backpack with all her school supplies and she could barely stand up it was so heavy on her little body.

She was so excited. As she should be--her preschool is fantastic. First off, it's literally two miles from our house. It's a quintessential little red schoolhouse located on a Children's Farm. Their mission is all about learning and appreciating through the natural environment. Environmental education is integrated into the curriculum, which I think is awesome! I love the idea of learning through nature.

Last week Bella and I went to the open house, so she saw firsthand what it's all about.

Brushing a bunny with a toothbrush!

Getting attacked by a pig

Petting a duckling

We know this is a perfect fit for her. But deep down, a part of me is sad. Very sad. This is the day when I let someone else teach her....someone other than me. From this day forward there will always be someone else teaching her. Which is a good thing, I know. But I'm still a little mushy anyway. We've had a good run, her and I.

Like the time when she learned about the power of helping others

Or the time when she learned all about the importance of trycycle safety

Or when she mastered my Harry Potter lesson

Or when she made new discoveries

Or the first time she played a piano

Or the time she learned all about friendship

Or when she realized our family was changing

Or when she learned the meaning of responsibility

Or when she learned where her family came from

Or when she learned about true love

When Eugene picked her up from school he took one last picture of her in her classroom.

She looks so old, huh? She's growing up faster than I want her to. As you can imagine we had so much to talk about over dinner. Of course, Bella was the recipient of the special plate which meant that she spent the whole dinner basking in her glory, too excited to even eat.

After reading through all the take-home material that was securely placed in her backpack, I was surprised to find that she already had homework!

And so it begins......


  1. So sweet :)

    Harry had homework from his Spanish class, and I was SHOCKED.

    LOVE the best friends picture-- that's just about the cutest thing ever. Also the family chalked on the sidewalk-- you're awesome!

  2. Now *I'm* crying too. I'm going to be a mess when it's my kid's turn. You have taught her so much already.



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