Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Heart of Italy

Bella Bellagio. Bellagio will always live in the depths of our hearts--a place of unconditional love. We still wonder how this tiny place could hold a lifetime of romance. It was here, back in July of 2003, that Eugene and I knew we would be together forever.

It's also where we decided to make our life-long promise on May 31, 2005, in front of our closest family and friends.

Four years later to the day, we are here in Bellagio showing our daughters where we said, "I do."

They loved the views as much as we did.

They loved the gelato as much as we did.

They got tired walking up hundreds of steps, just like we did.

In our past trips the beauty of Italy was found in the ancient buildings, the Renaissance artwork and the irresistable cuisine, this time we experienced a deeper type of beauty---the Italian people.

As I mentioned, we were so excited to show the girls where we got married and introduce them to the people that made our wedding so special.

These people showed us the true heart of Italy.

Barbara showered the girls with a thousand kisses and a few pairs of posh Italian shoes.

Bruno insisted that we taste his new batch of chilled Primitivo wine and local fish from Lake Como.

Gulia opened her heart and her kitchen so that Eugene could learn firsthand how to make the best Bolognese ragu.

Nicoletta told us that of all the weddings she's planned, she'll never forget how much love our families had for one another.

We spent our time really getting to know these people and rediscovered just how beautiful Bellagio is!

Here are a few of my favorite Bellagio pictures, courtesy of Eugene.


  1. I LOVE this-- the best entry yet :)

  2. haha i love the picture of bella under the sign that says "made in italy" lol



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