Thursday, July 31, 2014

Holy Crap My Kids Are Growing Faster Than My Crab Grass

Someone please explain to me HOW THE HELL IT IS AUGUST? I've got such mixed emotions about it. On one hand, we had such a wonderful vacation that a part of me was ready for school to start the moment we got back. But then another part of me wants to hold tight to these final days of summer and relish every last moment of freedom.

We've definitely enjoyed our freedom these past few months. Late nights, lazy mornings, pajamas till 3--we've done it all. And over the course of the past 70 days or so, my kids have changed and evolved so, so much, we all have actually. Here's the breakdown.

BELLA- Or should I say Miss-Brittanica since she effing knows everything about effing everything and can prove you wrong in 3 seconds flat leaving you a wide-eyed, open-mouthed 39 year old shell of a woman. And dude, she totally poses for pictures.

How can we make that go away?

MIA- After wiggling her bottom tooth for the past 60 days, the damn tooth finally gave up the fight. I was pleasantly surprised at how sincerely happy I was for Mia.

I thought it wouldn't feel the same the second time around, but oh my, it does! My little girl is growing up and I'm just so thrilled for her. She proudly flashed her new smile and I hugged her tight letting her know how much of a milestone I knew this was. And as we pulled away my sweet angel looked in my eyes and politely asked me to take her shopping at Justice and I swear to God I almost shoved that tooth right back in and started nursing her.

How can we delete her internal memory of that Godforsaken retail chain?

CHANCEY- Our little guy has turned 4 years old and we can officially understand what he's saying now. I kid, but not really.

Chance spent the first couple years listening to everything around him and just when I was about to intervene with professionals he started talking. Of course it was in Chanceanese, which only the four of us could readily comprehend, leaving everyone else around him bewildered. But slowly his speech improved and it wasn't until the last six months or so where things have really clicked for him. Now, my boy's being heard. And what I love about this new found vocal renaissance of his is that he's really, really funny. And extremely curious. And a major sweetheart. And a master kisser.

Coincidentally, we're also learning about personal space.

INDY- Indy McInderson (as he's known in these parts) is a living, breathing American Boy Doll.

My peanut son, shown above in an American Girl salon chair, is under the tenth percentile in weight (which was an improvement in the past month), 19th percentile for height and has a relatively decent size head. Point is, he's a teeny tiny little guy who's major success is being able to melt my heart all day long.

He started walking on our trip to California and it really is the cutest little walk around. He tucks his arms up so high and sounds like Frankenstein when he stomps his feet. Here's one of the early walking clips...

Like Bella when she was a baby,  Indy is very vocal in his own unique-mumble speak. My favortie thing to do is go back and forth in this strange talk and have what seems like a totally normal adult conversation about absolutely nothing in English, which I know I'm NOT supposed to do, but I don't care because I simply can't get enough of the drunken gibberish. He even gestures, and laughs mid-way at some of his jokes.

Between his cling-on and baby sign language, we're doing just fine understanding each other.

EUGENE- Our Wild Hog has turned 40 and bought himself his very own motorcycle. It's been secretly in the works for about 3 years now, despite how much it totally freaks me out.

You guys, he is so happy when he's out riding. You should see his smile when he rolls up into the driveway. It's a new found freedom that I can only understand and appreciate from afar. Maybe one day I'll be his backseat hussy but no time soon. In the meantime, it's quite hilarious how "helpful" Eugene becomes when I need an errand or two to run. Need a tomato for a recipe, or a check to deposit? Well then, Eugene's your man. As long as it can fit in his teeny tiny backpack, no job is too much for this hells angel. He even woos us with Dunkin Donuts on Saturday mornings at the crack of dawn. I should note that we have a Dunkin Donuts about .8 miles from our home but Eugene knows of a short cut down Lake Shore Drive. Hah!

GINA- This stay-at-home- mama is currently researching different routines and ideas for a kick ass curriculum for Chance. I've decided to keep him home this year and I've got big plans for Chance, Indy and I. Different themes and weekly field trips are on my docket, and I'm having a ball putting it all together. I also have big plans for myself. I am done, done, done having children so I really want to focus on myself for a change.

I want to be more active and more healthy this year. I have such a determination that I just know this year is going to be great. On another note, I'm still nursing Indy 2-3 times a day and I just can't stop. It's becoming more and more meaningful to me the older he gets. I know the end is coming soon and while I'll be so sad to that phase end, I will simultaneously high five myself that my body will be my own again and not used for anything other than WHAT I WANT.

So there you have it, an up-to-speed account of where we're all at. We've got two weeks of summer left, an awesome outdoor movie party to plan and school supplies to buy. I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T BUY THE PRE-MADE KITS!!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Everything is Awesome!

Well helloooo there friends! We've just returned from a 3 week vacation in California and Nevada and had such an amazing time. Almost every day was planned with either fun, family or friends, which is always a sign of a good vacation.

Before I go through the thousand or so pictures that we took, I'll instead divide the trip up and focus on certain events.

First up is Legoland, which let me tell ya, was such a refreshing little amusement park. Unlike Disney, which all you really do is wait, ride, eat or shop, Legoland allows for some serious play time.

Awesome multi level play structures and a mini little water park kept our kids entertained ALL DAY LONG. The rides were great too. Of course, it can't compare to Disney in terms of magic and execution but we really did love our time there.
Indy making the sign for "more" as in MORE RIDES!!!

 My adorable niece Riley and nephew Max from San Diego joined us for the fun.

Thanks Molly and Jammee for spending the afternoon with us. Our belly laughs reminded me of all the crazy shenanigans us cousins did when we were their age. Sidenote, Darth Vadar is dead-on but Chewbacca looks like an angry armed koala, no?

Legos are everywhere!

This Lego Friends siting for Bella was equivalent to a Neil Diamond siting for me. See, Bella has spent the past year obsessed with this line of Legos and has proceeded to build almost every one of their structures, which currently catch dust on our living room shelves. Isn't the point of Lego's to build, take apart and re-build? I mean, COME ON! We spend all this money on these sets and in two hours she's done building. It drives me nuts. Play with the damn thing or take it apart, right? Okay, maybe I'm going overboard a bit, but I've got to set some kind of time limit on shelf space otherwise Olivia's Horse Stable's and Emma's Bake Shop are going to become permanent displays in our house and call me crazy, but I don't recall Nate Berkus accessorizing with plastic blocks.

Find my happy place. Find my happy place.

Ahhh, yes. Here it is. Our AWESOME day at Legoland:


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