Friday, May 1, 2009

Diaper Snob!

I remember my first pregnancy well. The late nights researching the newest kid-tested mommy-approved products. Hours talking with other pregnant woman about the pros and cons of a baby monitor with a video screen, or which vibrating bouncy will encourage the most infant interaction or blah blah blah. I was ridiculous. I went overboard as I'm sure most first time pregnant women do. Right? Right? For example, I HAD to have a baby wipe warmer. Are you kidding me? A wipe warmer? Yup, a wipe warmer. I read three consumer reviews and was totally convinced that this was a definite must-have, I mean Shirley from Wichita SWEARS by it.

The wipe warmer? A total dud. I mean yeah, I guess Bella's buttocks appreciated the comfort of those cozy wipes, but it wasn't until I read the fine print that I realized I needed to add water to it once in awhile. Hubawuzza? I can barely remember to water my dying plants let alone water a wipe warmer. Chuck it!

This is just one example of something I ended up spending way too much for that did relatively nothing. Trust me, there are more. But there are a few things that I absolutely CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. Like my Bjorn. Oh my sweet little Bjorn. You have been so good to me. You were worth every single penny. We've had a great ride haven't we? Oh and how can I forget you, my ridiculously cheap yet exceptionally light Baby Trend stroller that includes both a snack tray and a cup holder. But nothing can compare to the total love and devotion I have for my true compadres, Pampers Swaddlers. Swaddlers. The name alone gives me the goosebumps. I'm talking the top of the line, crem-della-crem of diapers. I love Swaddlers. They are the best diapers EVER. No other diapers can compare. But they are so expensive! But they are super duper soft and conform so well to their chubby little thighs. But they are so expensive! But they prevent leaks. But they are so expensive!

Shopping in Target two weeks ago, I was faced with a dillemna. Buy the over-priced Swaddlers that you have come to love or be a little more frugal during these tough times and save $5 by trying out Target brand diapers. On the one hand, Target diapers don't come splattered with any annoying Princesses--so they've got that going for them. And you love Target Gina. They have great tee shirts and great purses, I'm sure their diapers will be great too! Think of the savings!

Biggest mistake of my life! I should've saved like ten dollars and just bought a pack of tissue paper and scotch tape, it would have shown the same effectiveness. I love you Target, and I swear it won't damage our existing relationship but for the love of god take those diapers off the shelves. Now. Recall.

Since when do diapers just simply fall off when walking?

What's up with the white powder you ask? Oh that's cornstarch. Because along with a cute and sassy tu-tu, Mia is sporting a cute and sassy yeast infection.


  1. LOL! I love Pampers, but J is too big for Swaddlers, so we've had to go with Baby Dry, which I like better than Cruisers. I can't do generic diapers (and I swear I have tried). The biggest waste of money item I have is my Medela Pump in Style. I HATED that thing; the bag did NOT look like a purse by any stretch of the imagination, despite what the freaking box claimed, and I was pretty much attached to my baby 24/7, so I didn't need the darn thing anyway. (LOVE the tutu, by the way:)

  2. I loooove pampers,too- bought them for Joie! And THAT was the best blog post I read tonight- made me a laugh! And great pic!

  3. try Luvs- they are my favorite and they are cheap.

  4. good girl take your diaper off so I can stick my tounge in your bum



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