Friday, May 15, 2009

So Long....Farewell

"Auf Wiedersehen good bye, I Hate to go and leave this pretty sight" were the words sung by Brigitta in the Sound of Music. This movie is quite popular around our house these days. Partly because Bella enjoys singing and dancing to the snappy tunes, partly because secretly it was Eugene's favorite movie as a kid and partly because we will be in Austria in the next two weeks. However, these lyrics really hit home this week as we bid farewell to Eugene's parents after such a memorable visit. It was precious to watch Mia interact with her Grandparents this time around. She really became attached to them. We are so thankful that they were a part of her first birthday. Bella, too, loved having them here. Who could blame her? They never say no. To anything. In fact, Bella really perfected her strategy. You want a rice krispie treat at 8:30 in the morning, ask Grandpa. Don't ask Mommy. Always ask Grandpa. It was hilarious!

I know they enjoyed themselves too. Springtime in Chicago, when it's not raining, is really beautiful. Every time they visit, I think they gain a new appreciation of why we moved here. Some examples:

Chicago has two really great baseball teams.

Nature in Chicago is very different than the nature in Southern California, in the sense that we actually have some.

Palos Park has the Plush Horse, super yummy ice cream!

But most of all, they enjoy Chicago because this is where our 2 little girls are. Whom they love, unconditionally. Thank you for such a wonderful visit Lola and Lolo. We love you!


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