Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quality of Life

For centuries Vienna has attracted artists and musicians whose immortal music was inspired by this breathtaking city. Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, to name a few. Vienna is full of museums, art galleries and concert halls---of which we got to see none. You see, when you're traveling with toddlers they pretty much rule the roost. Our daily challenge was simple---find a park or a large area in which they could run their cute little faces off. We suceeded in Vienna.

Here's an intresting tidbit, an international human resource consulting company Mercer ranks Vienna No. 1 for having the world's highest quality of life. Pretty impressive, huh?. For us, our 48 hour quality of life was spent doing laundry

enjoying a traditional ferris ride

and relishing 20 minutes of silence as both children (don't judge) were hypnotized by German translated TV shows.

As we drove out of Austria on our way to Italy, we stopped by Hochosterwitz Castle. Since it was Mia's special day and since she loooooves picnics, we decided to pull over and have lunch in the shadows of this mysterious property. Apparently, Disney used this castle as their inspiration for their famous Sleeping Beauty castle. I was a bit creeped out by it's enormity. Bella on the other hand, was desperate to meet Sleeping Beauty. I informed her, that unlike Disneyland, she doesn't come out for autographs. She didn't buy it. It was when I told her that Sleeping Beauty was napping that she finally understood.

Like Sleeping Beauty, Bella napped too. I particularly love this picture. If you look closely, you'll notice her teddy tucked into her sweatshirt and strapped into the stroller with her. She wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Mia's special day-- too cute :)

    You guys are AWESOME. We took an overnight trip to a place like 45 miles from our house, and we brought 6 suitcases. 6. Seriously, you're my travel idol.



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