Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let it Rain

Dobre rano. Mluvite Anglicky? In other words, good morning, do you speak English in Czech. Yep, welcome to Prague. If you could have only heard how funny Eugene sounded when he said that phrase....I couldn't help but to laugh out loud whenever he attempted it.

We checked into our hotel room after a 5 hour drive from Salzburg. It took awhile to get out the door (and a little frustrating) as it always does when we first check-in. The girls want to explore every button, every corner, touch and taste everything within reach. Seriously, I lost my mind after Mia picked up the toilet bowl brush for the 18th time. To my relief, we left the hotel and headed into the Old Town Square where I was stopped in my tracks from the magnitude of what I saw.

Everywhere I turned there was a beautiful statue.

Or a mysterious building.

Even Bella was inspired to capture it's beauty.

I was humbled by the mystery and antiquity of Prague. However, amidst all this history, somehow I felt right at home:

Mia walked with such freedom through these foreign streets. She balanced those cobblestones like a pro!

Prague is known for their handmade puppets, which fascinated Bella.

I was fascinated with the Harry puppet.

We decided to eat dinner at Old Town Square in a picnic style fashion. We got some gnocchis and pizza and noticed that the buildings were blanketed by dark clouds.

After finishing our last bite, the time from the first lightening bolt to the pouring rain was about 30 seconds. Immediately the cobblestone streets were filled with tears of rain. It was like the worst break-up. The dark cathedrals were used to this pain--years of it. We dashed for cover. Mia, whom is strapped to me in a carrier, was laughing beautifully as she bounced up and down. Laughing like I've never heard her laugh before. She was covered in rain and held her last piece of pizza in pure joy. So innocent. So free. I learned a little bit more about her in this moment and I'll forever treasure it.
We left Prague as an inseparable family. We loved how this trip was bringing us closer to one another and we marveled at how much we enjoyed eachother's company. Three hours later:

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