Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Sound of Salzburg

Of all the cities we planned to visit, Salzburg was by far the most anticipated, due to our unnatural love for the Sound of Music. We left Munich early morning and spent the following two hours listening to Do Re Mi over and over and over again in anticipation. I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived. What a classy city! The architecture was very prim and proper with it's soft shades of pales and impeccably clean streets.

We immediately unloaded the car and began our Sound of Music Scavenger Hunt. Imagine Bella's surprise when she discovered Maria plastered all over a bus. (and please take note of her two hour car ride hair-do)

Mia, clearly not buying into the hype.

Our first stop was Mirabell Gardens. We were excited to see the fountain and of course the tunnel.

Next stop, the famous 16 going on 17 Gazebo.

Bella couldn't contain her excitement---she took it to the streets.

All the running around was making us really thirsty. Feeling a little adventurous I bought her some, apple juice--which is a treat since all she's really allowed is water and milk. Knowing she was going to be so happy, I watched as she took her first sip. Suddenly, she started screaming and slapping her tongue, "it burns Mommy, it burns." WHAT? APPLE JUICE BURNS-- DON'T BE A DRAMA QUEEN BELLA! Then I looked a little closer......aarrgghh it's carbonated apple juice. OOPS. "Look, Mommy, it has dots!" Dots. By dots she means bubbles. Just as I was about to say suck it up girl, Eugene (being the softie that he is) bought her a non-carbonated replacement. Score for Daddy.

I loved how Salzburg had both the bustling feel of a big city as well as the serenity of the countryside. We spent the second half of the day mozying around overly manicured gardens. It was really lovely.

Tired, sweaty and hungry we headed back into town for some dinner at a restaurant Eugene remembered well. After a couple beers, an awesome meal and a beautiful sunset we headed back on foot. Eugene, thinking he's super creative (alcohol induced) thought it would be funny for a renegade stroller clip.

Salzburg was so quiet in the evening. I'll never forget how peaceful it felt. Although, I don't quite look peaceful in this picture, I definitely felt it.

Bella found her inner peace as well. In the form of her favorite television show. Caillou. IN GERMAN!!!!!

Although we only spent one day here, we definitely made the most of it. So long, farewell beautiful Salzburg.

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  1. Was Caillou less annoying in German? Less whiny perhaps??

    You guys are awesome-- we are scared to go on a domestic vacay with our kids b/c we are worried about bedtimes and just general pain-in-the-assishness, but look at you! You've inspired us to try to travel with our boys-- you make it look so fun!!



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