Thursday, June 18, 2009

One Night Stand

Poor Venice. It seems every time Eugene and I get here, we only stay for one night--with this night being no different. I don't really know why we do this, but it seems to be our standing relationship with Venice.

Here's the good part: Venice is a passionate, romantic city-even for the few hours of a night. It's the kind of passion that makes you want to stay up all night and walk her lonely streets.

It's the kind of passion when you notice every detail of her texture.

It's the kind of passion that turns dirty water into a perfect reflection pond.

I remember it like it was yesterday our first night in Venice. Eugene and I walked the lonely streets all night long. I remember getting lost but not feeling lost. This time we were with our kids.

Again, we needed to have a one night stance with Venice. Nevertheless, I will never forget Bella and Mia running around in a small quad making such happy noise.

They had so much fun they fell asleep in our arms. This was a beautiful night.

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