Saturday, August 21, 2010

Poop Reading

As you recall my 4 year old daughter really likes to analyze her bowl movements as evidenced here.

She does this daily, and it makes me smile all the time. Today though, I actually laughed out loud. Upon completing her business she came back to tell me that her poop looked like a


How random is that? A sting ray?!

When I asked her why, she said that the sting ray tail was peeking out of the tunnel.

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

End of summer? Heck no, my summer's just beginning.

My summer may only be two weeks long, but by golly we are going to make the best of it, dammit!

I literally spent the entire month of June getting ready for Chance and
spending every moment I had with my girls. And then proceeded to spend the entire month of July being dog ass tired and holed up in my house.

I forgot about the sunshine.
I forgot about the swimming.
I forgot about the hot dogs and watermelon.

It's not too late, I say. And this week?
Well, it's gonna rock! And so is next week.

Today we frolicked at the pool.....

And we'll do the same tomorrow. Summer redemption in full effect!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Look who's a month old!

Thanks Sarah and Meghan for the idea of a monthly picture. I just hope I can keep up my end of the bargain.

There is so much that I want to write about and so much that I want to share, but I can't seem to find the time to do it. But know this, life is good. In fact, life is great. Chance had another perfect weigh-in this morning. Gaining exactly what he needs to. Fingers crossed he'll weigh enough next week for my beloved Bjorn carrier. Handsfree! Awwwwww yeah!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Big Sisters to the Rescue

Whoever said three kids is a piece of cake, can kiss my pudgy postpartum ass! In no way is it easy. Taking the leap from 2 to 3, in my opinion, is a very large one. It's one thing when you need to distract a kid while you nurse a newborn---but it's a WHOLE OTHER THING when you need to distract TWO kids while you nurse. Talk about challenging. And it seems like Bella and Mia argue the most when I'm nursing. Which makes sense to me, they're watching as the new little baby is literally SUCKING the life out of mommy, leaving very little time for them.

Oh but don't get me wrong, they get my attention, it's just usually in the form of a verbal warning.

Mia, balancing the chair on your nose is not a good choice!

Bella, stop tap dancing on your sister's back! What, are your tap shoes too loud to that you can't hear her screaching in agony?!!!

Mia, for the love of god, your lip gloss is not toe nail polish!

About a week ago, I gave up. My bar of acceptability, while I'm nursing, totally changed. Now, I pretty much let anything slide. I have to. If a sisterly dispute develops, it's got to play itself out. There's no way I'm going to unlatch Chance, find a place to store him, tuck in my who-ha's and then go discipline. No-way. Not gonna happen. Unless I see blood drawn, I'm perfectly content sitting on the couch, watching.

Mother of the Century!

But of course, my guilt kicks in. So, instead of trying to distract them with stuff to do while I nurse, I've started to include the big sisters. Recently, I've had to pump more milk in addition to the FOURTEEN feedings that I give him daily (unfortunately, Chance isn't gaining the kind of weight that he should be). So, now that I have extra milk to give for him, I have included the girls in this process and they LOVE it.

Mia has stepped up from feeding her real-sounding baby doll to a feeding a real live baby...

Um, please disregard the accidental, college flashback induced, beer-bong reference. Way tacky, I know! Not quite sure what came over me. Once white trash, always white trash, I suspect. :)

Or watch how Bella wants to keep Chance warm

Or how the girls read to him, or in Bella's case sing to him an adorable little made-up mommy jingle

All in all, each day gets better than the day before. Which is all I can hope for right now.

I finally have clearance to drive again, so this week I'll be thrilled to get out of the house and spread my wings a little--enough of the cabin fever already!

I want to leave with this little clip, cuz really, is there anything cuter than a newborn snort-cry?! I think not.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Who doesn't like a good pancake breakfast? We do! In fact, we love ourselves some Cracker Barrel cherry pancakes! So, this past weekend Eugene woke me up and suggested that we pack up and head out to breakfast. As much as I was reluctant about taking Chance out, the thought of passing up those cherry pancakes was too much for me! Yes, they're THAT good. Plus Eugene was really insistent on going out, so I agreed.

Getting out the door was sooooo difficult.

Eugene spent about 30 minutes reconfiguring the car seat arrangement in the minivan, making room for baby Chance. Bella was a little unenthusiastic about getting moved to the back of the van. But when I explained that she gets to be the "leader of the back"--well then, she was all for it! Hah!

With everyone packed in the car, even my sister, we headed out to our breakfast hotspot. It was our first time out of the house with ALL of us.

It felt so different.

It's definitely a feeling I'm going to have to start getting used to.

**Holy shit, I have three children.**

We had a perfect breakfast. Chance was awesome. He stayed in his carseat and only woke up a few times. I could be seen wrestling his pacifier in one hand and shoving cherry pancakes in my mouth with the other. Ahhh, the multitasking phase of parenting is back in full effect. It seems like I just got over it with Mia!

It's our tradition after we eat at Cracker Barrel to sit outside on the rocking chairs and relax for a few minutes. Bella and Mia love sitting in the little kid rocking chairs and Eugene and I will sit and rock next to eachother and he'll undoubtedly hear me say (cuz I say it every time we're there) "Babe, one day I want a wrap around front porch with rocking chairs like these where we can sit outside and sip lemonade together and talk about our day."

Seriously, he's heard the speech a dozen times.

Well on this particular visit it just so happens that I was the last one to leave the table. Everyone else had already headed outside. Once I gathered up all the crayons and cleaned up all the Mia droppings, I made my way outside and like usual, sat next to Eugene in one of the rocking chairs.

It's been no secret that I have been scouring Craigslist for the past month and a half for an inexpensive rocking chair that I can put on our balcony as a little place of refuge to bring the baby. But, I've had no luck. Anyway, I sit down next to Eugene and my sister who was peacefully rockin' in a chair on the other side of Eugene, asks me how my Craigslist search was coming. And I tell her the sad news. She then asks me to look at the pricetag on my chair to see how much it costs. So I turn my head about 4 inches to the left to read the tag on it and this is what it said,

I was in shock! I couldn't believe it! Apparently, Eugene went to the restaurant the night before and had it all planned out.

Man, I love this guy.

I can't believe I didn't see the tag before I sat down! It was so perfect!

We then spent another 30 minutes trying to figure out how we were going to fit a full size rocking chair, three adults and three kids into one minivan. Not quite sure how we did it, but we did. And as soon as we got home and unloaded it, I scooped up my son and we rocked.

For awhile.

Thanks Eugene!


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