Sunday, August 8, 2010

Big Sisters to the Rescue

Whoever said three kids is a piece of cake, can kiss my pudgy postpartum ass! In no way is it easy. Taking the leap from 2 to 3, in my opinion, is a very large one. It's one thing when you need to distract a kid while you nurse a newborn---but it's a WHOLE OTHER THING when you need to distract TWO kids while you nurse. Talk about challenging. And it seems like Bella and Mia argue the most when I'm nursing. Which makes sense to me, they're watching as the new little baby is literally SUCKING the life out of mommy, leaving very little time for them.

Oh but don't get me wrong, they get my attention, it's just usually in the form of a verbal warning.

Mia, balancing the chair on your nose is not a good choice!

Bella, stop tap dancing on your sister's back! What, are your tap shoes too loud to that you can't hear her screaching in agony?!!!

Mia, for the love of god, your lip gloss is not toe nail polish!

About a week ago, I gave up. My bar of acceptability, while I'm nursing, totally changed. Now, I pretty much let anything slide. I have to. If a sisterly dispute develops, it's got to play itself out. There's no way I'm going to unlatch Chance, find a place to store him, tuck in my who-ha's and then go discipline. No-way. Not gonna happen. Unless I see blood drawn, I'm perfectly content sitting on the couch, watching.

Mother of the Century!

But of course, my guilt kicks in. So, instead of trying to distract them with stuff to do while I nurse, I've started to include the big sisters. Recently, I've had to pump more milk in addition to the FOURTEEN feedings that I give him daily (unfortunately, Chance isn't gaining the kind of weight that he should be). So, now that I have extra milk to give for him, I have included the girls in this process and they LOVE it.

Mia has stepped up from feeding her real-sounding baby doll to a feeding a real live baby...

Um, please disregard the accidental, college flashback induced, beer-bong reference. Way tacky, I know! Not quite sure what came over me. Once white trash, always white trash, I suspect. :)

Or watch how Bella wants to keep Chance warm

Or how the girls read to him, or in Bella's case sing to him an adorable little made-up mommy jingle

All in all, each day gets better than the day before. Which is all I can hope for right now.

I finally have clearance to drive again, so this week I'll be thrilled to get out of the house and spread my wings a little--enough of the cabin fever already!

I want to leave with this little clip, cuz really, is there anything cuter than a newborn snort-cry?! I think not.


  1. Beautiful videos of those adorable girls taking care of their adorable lil' bro!! Hang in there! Sounds like you have the right idea now, because to me, the most important thing is to get that milk in that baby! :) I know 3 has got to be a ton different than 2, but I was all alone when I had Hunter for the first 5 months, and Ben was in his terrible twos! Hunter ate every 2 hours for about 2 months. I co-slept with him, plenty of room without Theo, and that made night's bearable because I could totally relax and almost half-sleep while Hunter chugged away. During the day Ben would misbehave like crazy when I was nursing Hunter. I remember I would sometimes shout and try and control him, but I gave up eventually because it wasn't fair to Hunter. I did figure out how to walk and nurse at the same time, carting Hunter around when I really needed to keep Ben from killing himself. lol. Ben survived, and Hunter nursed until 14 months. So enjoyed this post!

  2. EXTRA milk??? Oh my. I never had a single drop to spare. :( I was a nursing drop-out. ugh.

    Gina, if anyone tells you the jump from 2 to 3 is easy, punch them in the face. My third was by far my hardest, partly because I had two others to handle at the same time. Nothing about it is easy... IS worth it. I promise. :)

  3. I just wanted to tell you that the word verification on my first comment was "Shaft" hahaha. Speech memory back in full effect!



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