Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hey! Long time no blog. We had an amazing time on our trip. Wow--I love Europe. Love, love, love Europe. I also loved that we brought the girls with us, they got to see so much. This trip would not have been the same without them. But sheeeesh, traveling through Europe with two toddlers is no easy task. At times I prayed that Super Nanny would magically peel around the corner in her totally hip mini cooper and offer to baby-sit for an hour or two. Honestly though, I can't complain at all about our girls. They were total champs the whole time. The flight to Milan was awesome, they slept most of the way. I on the other hand, nursed Mia for about half the flight---it was the only way to prevent that particular high pitched squeal that she's currently known for. Which also meant that once we arrived and got our rental car, I was the WORST co-pilot imaginable. TWICE I fell asleep during a rousing rendition of Old MacDonald, mid-moo mind you. We had a long drive the first day but all was forgiven when we arrived in Munich, Germany.

Ahhh Munich, land of the complex carbohydrate.

Thinking that's a trendy fashion forward handbag? Well, think again. That's a pretzel dammit! A pretzel the size of your head.

Don't believe me? Check it.

German menus pretty much consist of pretzles, hot dogs and beer. And I was guilty of all three.

Even Mia agreed with me. Atta Girl.

The people, however, are what I will remember the most. Have you ever found yourself watching a musical thinking, "that so does not happen in real life--like anyone would really break into song and dance because---they---are---happy." DUDE, they do in Germany. Like, everwhere! Not kidding. I was stuck in a continuous musical and frankly, I loved every moment of it.

Oh Wait--there's more.

I felt a sense of togetherness from the Germans. I rarely noticed individuals---it was always groups. Groups of families or friends. Families riding bikes together, reading together, laughing together. Our family spent the day, like the Germans, enjoying eachother's company. We had an awesome paddle boat ride and a perfect picnic at the Englischer Garten. When I think of all the turmoil that Munich has suffered over the years I am enlightened to see a culture embrace life so fully. It really made me question if I'd be happier with a simpler life? Or maybe just really good beer?

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