Friday, July 25, 2014

Everything is Awesome!

Well helloooo there friends! We've just returned from a 3 week vacation in California and Nevada and had such an amazing time. Almost every day was planned with either fun, family or friends, which is always a sign of a good vacation.

Before I go through the thousand or so pictures that we took, I'll instead divide the trip up and focus on certain events.

First up is Legoland, which let me tell ya, was such a refreshing little amusement park. Unlike Disney, which all you really do is wait, ride, eat or shop, Legoland allows for some serious play time.

Awesome multi level play structures and a mini little water park kept our kids entertained ALL DAY LONG. The rides were great too. Of course, it can't compare to Disney in terms of magic and execution but we really did love our time there.
Indy making the sign for "more" as in MORE RIDES!!!

 My adorable niece Riley and nephew Max from San Diego joined us for the fun.

Thanks Molly and Jammee for spending the afternoon with us. Our belly laughs reminded me of all the crazy shenanigans us cousins did when we were their age. Sidenote, Darth Vadar is dead-on but Chewbacca looks like an angry armed koala, no?

Legos are everywhere!

This Lego Friends siting for Bella was equivalent to a Neil Diamond siting for me. See, Bella has spent the past year obsessed with this line of Legos and has proceeded to build almost every one of their structures, which currently catch dust on our living room shelves. Isn't the point of Lego's to build, take apart and re-build? I mean, COME ON! We spend all this money on these sets and in two hours she's done building. It drives me nuts. Play with the damn thing or take it apart, right? Okay, maybe I'm going overboard a bit, but I've got to set some kind of time limit on shelf space otherwise Olivia's Horse Stable's and Emma's Bake Shop are going to become permanent displays in our house and call me crazy, but I don't recall Nate Berkus accessorizing with plastic blocks.

Find my happy place. Find my happy place.

Ahhh, yes. Here it is. Our AWESOME day at Legoland:

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