Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunny and warm with a chance of fun!

We've been having a ball enjoying this warmer weather. Recently, we stopped by an art festival that also had a pretty decent carnival. Bella took advantage of the situation!

Instead of screaming bloody murder on the sidelines, we found a ride that Mia could actually participate in. She was pretty stoked to ride the "horsey-horsey" and Bella INSISTED that she ride the strung out monkey. Since when have you ever seen a monkey on a carousel?

On our way out we all shared some delicios New Orleans style beignets. Move over munchkins, these donuts are insane!
Watch as the girls (Mia) devour the beignets.

Mia could be heard babbling, "yum, yum, these donuts are yum"

"it's so warm on the tongue"


"What the hell happened? Where's my donut?"

The following day our family visited the circus that came to town.

Aren't elephants so mysterious? I love them. Everytime I see them in a zoo, I am so fascinated. Here though, it was a tad bit sad making them prance around in sequins.

Isn't this such a cool pic?!

Mia was excited to take her first pony ride.

And here is a picture of Fernando the Amazing, Mexico's most talented juggler.

However, five minutes after he wowed us with his juggling skils, he resumed his post as cotton candy/peanut seller. Which in my mind reduced him to something like Fernando the Amazing Multitasker. Upon closer examination, all of the acts had two to three other jobs in the circus. Talk about a circus sweatshop.

Bella and Mia however, thought it was the greatest show on earth!

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