Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Burgers and Birthdays

Hey! It's been awhile. We've been out of town for the past three weeks having a blast visiting with our families. Our trip kicked off with a flight to Los Angeles, a place we called home just twelve months ago. 15 minutes after getting in the car we found ourselves firmly planted in the drive-thru of our favorite burger joint

to grub on this

You gotta respect a fast food chain with priorities

After shoveling an animal style cheeseburger into our mouths and sucking on some cheese-paper we drove north to Fran's place (Eugene's brother) where we were greeted with warm and familiar embraces.

After spending some quality cousin time, we celebrated Kalia and Mateo's birthday with food, fun and water balloons.

The Birthday Boy

Don't get in Tessa's way!

Mia watches Sienna closely to see how it's done!


Is it me or is this picture a tad bit inappropriate?

Pass it before it pops!

Moments like this remind me how much I adore my friends

Just before we were about to leave we were fortunate enough to get another family picture. And ironically, we were all wearing white :) It's not often that we are all under one roof--but when it does happen I cherish every moment of it.

Happy 4th Birthday Kalia and Happy 2nd Birthday Mateo!!!!

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