Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well, at least she has confidence!

So one day I overheard Bella singing and the coach in me mentioned to her, "ya know Bella, the best singers sing with heart." She asked me what that meant and I replied, "to sing the words like you really mean it, to take your time and have control." Bella nodded her head and I could tell she was seriously thinking about the advice I bestowed on her.

And now, this is how she sings. Every single time.

Is that not the funniest thing you've ever heard? I'm telling you--it's the miracle cure. When I'm pissy or frustrated, I make her sing and all is well with the world--I can't help but laugh. Guffaw even. But of course, as silently as I can :)

And bless her heart, she tries to calm Chance down with her "amazing singing" all day long.

To top it off, she's now giving Mia singing lessons.

Lord help me.


  1. I am not kidding you with this one. When I started playing the second video, Phoenix (who was sleeping by the way) woke up and look in the direction of the computer and went "Grrrreerrrr" (what the heck just woke my sick butt up - in dog talk). Just kidding ... about the dog translation. It is said that animal therapy helps sick people, I wish that it works vice-versa; I hope Bella's ... um ... what's the word I'm looking for ... unique, yes unique - and special - performance delayed the nasty stuff that's happening to Phoenix. Thanks for sharing, G. Christine

  2. Oh little Phoenix. Out heart is with you. Bella will sing for him any day!!!

  3. Her. Sing for her! I knew that!

  4. that = awesome. she is going to kill you some day that these videos exist though. leo asked me to see a picture of something from college the other day and i was like, "yea, no one had a camera." aren't you thankful?? bless that little nugget. her ballot would say, "well, bella, you sing with ALL heart!"



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