Friday, December 2, 2011

Elf Mania!

Personally I think that Carol V. Aebersold and Chanda A. Bell, creators of The Elf on the Shelf deserve a Nobel prize. Seriously guys, the concept is genius and it seems like EVERY parent I know now has one. That's sayin' something. And why wouldn't they? The idea of a non-speaking, shelf sittin' disciplinarian is a parents dream. Or mine at least.

Did I mention he works for free?

We got our Elf as a gift and I was so excited to do it last year that I never even read the book that came with it. Oops. Which meant that we bypassed all the rules and regulations. But not this year. 

I had a grand entrance planned for our Elf's arrival complete with a packaged UPS box from the North Pole. But it ended up neither grand nor an entrance. Why? Because my daughters suck, that's why. I took the box out of storage and moved it under my bed as a temporary holding place before the big show. The box was out of storage for TEN MINUTES. TEN MINUTES PEOPLE. I HAD MY DAMN ELF HIDDEN UNDER THE BED FOR TEN MINUTES AND THEY STILL FOUND IT. 

They should be protecting our country yo. 

But I can't be too bitter because the way they found it was so cute. They were playing "Christmas" in which Bella (the mom) delivers boxes of presents (a remote control, a pony tail holder, pencil top eraser and a plastic tea plate) to Mia (the daughter). As Mia sat on the floor of my room opening presents that her "mom" had given her, she saw another box that she innocently opened. And oh my holy night I think she shit her tights. Not joking. She started screaming and then Bella started screaming then they came running to me barely able to breathe, their eyes bulging wide and mouth open and head shaking and finger pointing before Bella could actually get the words out.


stutter. stutter.


stutter. stutter.

"Is here.


Trying not to break a smile, I grabbed my phone and clicked record

They were SO excited!

So here's the rules:
1) no touching the Elf because it will lose it's magical power (oops)
2) Name your elf
3) Be good because the Elf is watching and he reports to Santa every night 

Easy, right? Wrongo. Naming the Elf was SO frustrating. Those girls can't agree for the life of 'em. After spitting out several made up names Bella says "Dobby."

I stopped what I was doing. Did I hear right? Did my daughter who has no knowledge of the Harry Potter world (yet) just name the GREATEST ELF WHO EVER LIVED? You go Bella. You're damn right we're going to name him Dobby. Dobby is a free elf. Dobby is a good elf. Dobby loves Harry Potter. 

But it wasn't done yet because Mia needed to add her two cents, rightfully so. They went to bed and at the breakfast table the next morning, Mia told us that his middle name is Abika. 

Dobby Abika. 

Snazzy and elfish, huh?

So every night we have to move Dobby into different locations and the kids get all kinds of excited to see where the elf will be each morning. 

This morning Dobby was found under the table. With a letter. And a gift.

And the kids unwrapped the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas (their current FAVE movie ever since our Dr. Seuss halloween).

Christmas is so fun.

Why do we have to wait a whole year to feel such excitement? 

Can't we redefine the Fourth of July or something? Groundhog Day, perhaps?

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