Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Palos Ink'd

Last September our family volunteered a "temporary tattoo booth" at the S.O.S. Children's Villages annual Balloonfest.

The girls had such a memorable time putting tattoos on other kids that they've been asking to do it again and since "volunteering" was on our summer to-do list, I organized a little tattoo booth at our local Concert-in-the-Park last week.

What a great night it was!

The preparation began days before, when we had fun creating the banner. I say fun, when really they argued over who gets to draw on what space, who draws the pink flower, who draws the girl and how the banner MUST show directions to Pixie Hollow (WTH?) and a WHOLE LOTTA whining. 

So we let Chance in on the action to act as the great mediator. It worked.

When we arrived, cruise director Bella got us all set up. I've never before seen anyone so excited to tape up a banner.

They browsed the selections and picked out a tattoo for Chance so they could "refresh" their spraying, rubbing, and peeling skills.

Yep! Still got it! They were ready for their first customer. 

Bella began chanting (over and over again LOUDLY) 

"Free tattoos. Come and get your free tattoos" 

and Mia would chime in two beats behind Bella and repeat it, just a tidge-bit quieter, though. 

And sure enough, the kids came.

Some were new faces and some were our neighborhood friends. Like sweet little Piper here, who adorably called out the name of every tattoo, finally deciding on the dinosaur.

And then Bella went into her schpeel, "now don't be afraid if the water is cold, it'll just be a second" assuring every customer that they're in safe hands. 
It was precious actually, she's such a born leader.

And when they'd peel it off everyone was excited! 

The girls took turns taking breaks from our booth to get their face painted.

and to get some popcorn refills.

Chance realized quickly that patience wasn't his thing and decided to spray 
everything and everyone in sight. 

Even Mia was applying the tattoos, ALL BY HERSELF! She kept telling me that she could do it without my help and sure enough, she could.  Here she is proudly pointing at her work (btw-I love watching her independent self grow these days.)

As a family, Eugene and I are always trying to teach our kids the importance of "giving back." One way is by volunteering our time and our effort into something, like this simple tattoo booth, which was ridiculously easy to put together, fyi. It just took a little forethought and a phone call. The best part is that they had fun. I mean, they REALLY enjoyed it, making our effort feel that much more special.

And we're hoping that a lot of these little things will add up to something great later on.

"Everyone can be great because everyone can serve"   - Martin Luther King Jr.

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