Friday, November 23, 2012

Interested in gaining 5 lbs. in 72 hours? A How-To Guide Part 2

Here we go folks, Part 2. For those of you following, my last post documented our ten course dinner at iNG which looked pretty great, huh? Well, here's what went down 24 hours later.

Not only was it great to have Ben stay with us for the weekend but my brother and his family came down from Minneapolis to have a pre-thanksgiving family gathering. My sister's birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year so we decided to celebrate her special day a little early. We also decided to have a Thanksgiving fusion dinner, instead of a full blown Thanksgiving dinner which we'll all have 4 days later. 

The rule was simple and straightforward: all dishes must incorporate ingredients found on the Thanksgiving table.

You might want to unbuckle your belt before reading this.

First Course by Rich
Sweet potato and cranberry stuffed mushrooms

Second course by Rich
Turkey bacon wrapped chipotle cream stuffed peppers & turkey bacon wrapped 
cornbread stuffed jalapenos. 

Can you feel the heat? They were awesome!! 

Third course by Eugene
Thanksgiving salad with green beans, dried cranberries and pecans 
tossed in a cinnamon balsamic vinaigrette.

Up close and personal!

learn to blanche your beans---it makes ALL the difference!

Fourth course by Eugene
Homemade sweet potato gnocchi's with butter and sage

Sorry, this was the only picture I got of this dish. But believe me, they were amazing!

Right about now the kids decided to do a conga line throughout the house. It was rather cute!

Fifth course by Ben
A Thanksgiving Empanada

OH MY GOD! Think of everything you eat on Thanksgiving and I guarantee he stuffed it into this baked empanada. Turkey, green beans, corn and stuffing all baked into a buttery pocket of yum. Don't forget to lather the cranberry sauce all over it. DELICIOUS!

 Sixth course by Ben
Apple pie and vanilla bean a la mode.  

I should mention that the apples were poached in a red wine sauce and had the most INTENSE flavor. This dessert was amazing. 

And if that wasn't enough, somehow we managed to end the night with cake.

Happy Birthday Gabrielle!

Yes, yes I know it was gaining 5lbs in 72 hours, not 48 hrs as the pictures suggest. You ready for it? Are ya sure? 

Freakin' Ben again! Waking up all early to get his griddle warmed up and filling our house with the scent of peanut butter belgium waffles, cinnamon and brown sugared bananas, corn flake encrusted french toast, candied bacon, pork chops and a veggie omelette.

I got indigestion from just typing that.



 Bon Apetit!

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