Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back To School

School is in session!

Mia is absolutely thrilled about being a 1st grader. She took her school supply choices very seriously this year and is already in need of a new diary and set of markers. It's been 2 weeks. 
She draws a LOT.

I put the girls in charge of sharpening practically 800 #2 pencils. It was a win-win. Never thought I'd love the sound of manual labor being performed by someone else as much as I did.

Bella studied cursive over the summer and wanted to label EVERYTHING herself. Something about seeing her name on the backpack and the folders just melts my heart. You guys, she was so proud writing in cursive. By the way, her backpack weighed 30 pounds. 

Back to school lunches filled with a little lunch-time love. 

Indy was watching the morning whirlwind from the sidelines

I looked around really closely but couldn't spot any first day jitters. 
Both girls were so excited about going back!

Seriously, they're teenagers.

But before the bus came they made sure to squeeze in a little more 4-way fun! It's been a great summer with these guys.

And here they are facetiming with Eugene who was away on business. It was one of those moments I'll always remember. Mia made sure Daddy saw her walk on the big bus. 

I can't remember if Bella wanted to kiss me or if I forced her to, but I know that this year already feels different. Third grade is the big time man.  I know because my memories of third grade are so raw. This is when it all starts- the friends, the books, the music. There's no going back.

But I'm  happy to report that it's week 3 and Mia still goes in for the kiss, thank goodness.

Good luck girls!

We love you.

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