Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lion Week

I am so behind in blogging. I always say that I'd like to write a little bit each day but that never seems to happen. I'm also way behind in my weekly video production with Chance. But we're still going strong with our animal studies and he began the first set of Bob books and he's doing so great. Out of the blue the other day, I handed him the first book and sure enough he was reading it. My heart soared.

We're still going to the zoo weekly to see our featured animal, despite weather conditions. Last week it was FREEZING but we did it anyway. This week is going to be even colder--I was saving some of the indoor animals for the peak of the cold winter months but holy moses I think we may be peaking now. It's 16 degrees right now. SIXTEEN!!!!

We're having family over next week for a "Thanksgivmas" so I'm also surrounded by a thousand christmas lights waiting to be hung. Our elf pajamas have been purchased and our Pandora stations are already streaming. Tis the season, my very merry favorite season.

But before I get all holly jolly, here's the montage of Lion Week:

1 comment:

  1. I love hearing Chance's voice! It's so sweet.
    Chance & Indy dancing may be the cutest thing ever!



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