Monday, September 26, 2016

'Tis The Halloween Season

I've raised my freak flag pretty high again this year as I'm working hard to put together another great family costume. In the meantime, I'd like to share some of the pictures from last year's family Halloween costume theme....Shrek

As you know, we go all out over here for Halloween. It started four years ago with Toy Story

 Next came Dr. Seuss

then Willy Wonka

Alice in Wonderland

and Beauty & The Beast

Here's the details---all costumes except for the Belle dress were assembled/hot glued/sewed from scratch or existing clothing items. Since I do not sew (but plan to learn) I hit up the local childrens consigment shops where I can inexpensively turn a nothing into a something. Take for example, Chance's beast coat--it was originally a size 10 girls blue blazer, that we cut and trimmed and bedazzled it up to look like just like the beast.

The Cogsworth costume was made from foam with wood looking material glued to it! It's amazing what can be done without actually sewing. I made the top of the clock out of foam and felt and glued it to a brown sweatshirt he wore underneath.


Here's the video from our photo shoot:

Last year we kicked it up a notch and did the cast of Shrek!

This theme was so much fun!

I mean, can you even with his hoofs? So funny!

While I look forward to the years when our themes can be wild and crazy, I think I'll always cherish these magical childhood years when my kids are still young and so full of imagination.

This is what Halloween is all about.  

Here's our video from the Shrek Halloween shoot--you've got to see it:

If you have any costume questions please leave a comment and stay tuned to see what we've got up our sleeves this year!

Happy Halloween!

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