Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heat Changes Things

So recently Bella and I have been watching a show called Sid the Science Kid. We love the catchy jingles, the way the family interacts and we love the overall premise: a little dude who is curious about the world around him. Much like my daughter. One particular episode was how heat changes things. Why does ice cream melt? Why is my soup hot? You get my drift. Well, two days ago we had a surprise snowfall. A three inch surprise. While the very thought of more snow revolted me it was the greatest start to Bella's day.  After I demanded that Eugene take a final snowfall family pic, 

Bella and I went out for some snow play. After falling off the sled twice and having a pretty lame snowball fight we decided to make a snowman. Or snowgirl as Bella referred to her as. More specifically, Mia the snowgirl. 

We were really proud of our masterpiece. Bella was EXTREMELY proud. I mean I wasted a carrot people, come on. Kudos for button eyes? Anyhoo, I knew that her sudden admiration for this snowgirl was going to end badly. So, I started to remind Bella of that episode of Sid where his ice cream melted. As cautiously as I could, I told her that Snowgirl, too, will melt. I clearly did not do a very good job relating the two issues because this morning Bella woke up to this:

And after a twenty minute melt down (hee hee) she understood. Or was distracted by a peanut butter banana. I'm not sure which.

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  1. I love Sid-- especially the song he sings when he gets to school



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