Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gossip Girls

Playdates. Over the years I've hosted and attended many playdates. It's almost inevitable. What's funny is that the structure of a playdate is always the same the only thing that changes is which house you are in. I enjoy them. I especially enjoy them when it's with a close friend. Such is the case with my friend Tiffany. Tiffany and I competed against each other in college speech and pretty much got pregnant together. That sounds weird. Strike that. We got pregnant at the same time :) 

Back in Southern California our daughters, Bella and Lili were born about 12 hours apart. Almost immediately we scheduled our first playdate. I remember it well. Our kids slept the ENTIRE time. It was great. Tiff and I gabbed, gabbed, ate, gabbed, gabbed, ate some more, nursed our child, changed a diaper and called it a day. It was great. Same time, next week? This ritual went on for awhile until Tiff, Chad and Lili decided it was time for them to move to Chicago. Sigh. Long distance playdates aren't the same. We kept in touch pretty well and when we moved to Chicago 6 months ago we were eager to start up our routine again. 

I have so much fun on our playdates because frankly I think it's more of a playdate for me than it is for the kids. I enjoy sharing stories and swapping advice with Tiffany. I find peace knowing that I'm not alone in some of my parenting struggles. We laugh all the time. In fact, we have come so far since our first playdate. Two more children were added to the festivities and it makes it quite interesting, to say the least. I look forward to watching Baby Kallan grow and eagerly await the day when Bella and Lili actually let Mia play with them! Ta Ta for now!

Because straws make it taste better, duh!

Crashing the Ball

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  1. Gina, I just now saw that you have a blog! Geez, this is fantastic and your questions (or maybe commentary?) about the ball are so friggin' funny. it's great to see this! alison



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