Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Day at the Park

Nothing gets your child to sleep faster than a good old fashioned day at the park. We love parks. We particularly love to picnic at the park. This tradition started when I was pregnant with Mia. Every Wednesday Bella and I had our picnic day. She looked forward to it all week. We had our packing list down pat: an old sheet, her picnic bear blanket, macaroni and cheese, water bottles, grapes, cookies and a few books. Once and awhile we veered from the list but it didn't happen very often (she's quite particular that Bella). We picnic'd right up to Mia's birth. After we moved to Chicago our Wednesday routine became a little less regular, a new baby and snow will do that to ya. Which is why last Friday, when the weather was 70 degrees, we knew it was picnic at the park time!!!! Bella and Mia even had some super cool friends to hang out with too! I met up with my friend Amy and her two sons and we all had a blast!

Thankfully, the kids whipped us up some snacks, because we were totally in the mood for some meat cookies:

After the chicken cookies were placed in the oven for about 45 seconds, they shoved their faces!

Mia woke up from her nap and decided she wanted to be a pole dancer.

Since pole dancing is such a tough job, I decided to give the kids a break and have a bite to eat. After we ate the aforementioned mac & cheese, grapes, water and cookie combo,

we read some books.

Totally fed up with reading Bella stood up and informed us that she had to go to the bathroom. Trying my best to pack everything up and avoid a urinary oopsie, I asked Bella if she could please "hold it." Literally, she listened.

After a successful potty stop we went back to the park for some more fun. Mia had a blast on the swing.

Bella, on the other hand, had a blast channeling her inner Candace Olsen as she gave me a tour of her new home

What a great day at the park!

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