Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Bella Point of View

In an effort to foster creative independence as well as a common bond with her daddy we have given Bella daily control of our digital camera. My camera, not Eugene's. Big difference. She has a ball with it! Whether or not she enjoys the thrill of capturing a moment in time or just-likes-pressing-the-button-a-lot, we can't say for sure. But hey, it's a start, right?! Here are a few samplings from her latest portfolio.

She titles this piece, A Fan and a Cabinet. Brilliant.

Her two BFF's, Teddy and Knuffle Bunny.

I am baffled Bella at the abstract angle in which you approach society's tolerance of female empowerment through your mockery of its deceptively simple yet obvious attempts. Genius.

So sorry Bella but I have to quote Randy Jackson, "dawg, for me, tonight, this wasn't the best song choice, for you, for me, tonight."

I do however, adore this one. Even in a "I'd actually frame this" kind of way.

I like your thought process here. And it just may have been a good picture, if only your greasy, knubby little finger wasn't taking up half the frame.

I swear Bella asked me to make a funny face! Seriously Gina, is this for real? Is this your go-to look when someone says make a funny face? This is pathetic. She said funny face as in- ha ha- make me laugh with your funny face not make we wince and cringe with your uncomfortable optical stare and sad puffer fish chin. Ugh.

Keep it up Bella!


  1. Hilarious!! You're such a good mom. In an effort to foster creativity, I sometimes change the channel from Noggin to PBS.
    Where'd you get the Knuffle Bunny? We have a serious Mo Willems fan in our house, too (um, me).

  2. Sarah, it's so true huh. My Tivo is chalk full of toddler season passes.

    Eugene got Knuffle Bunny at Barnes & Noble or Borders, when we bought the second book. Not sure if it was a promotion or not. Isn't Mo Willems a riot?! We just borrowed Don't let the pigeon drive the bus from Tiffany Post---another great one. Do you start channeling your inner speech goddess when you read to your kids? Sadly, I do. I swear one of Bella's book sounds so much better with a southern accent!

  3. well, I think those pictures are far better than ones I take! Thanks for your very kind comments. I like your blog. Will be visiting!



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