Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Stroke of Midnight

Unlike her sister Bella, who was sleeping through the night at three months, Mia habitually wakes up at midnight. Give or take 5 minutes, this happens EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. How did I succumb to this? Well, it's important to note that I have always been a night person. It's also important to note that the only time I can find to exercise is right after the girls have been put to bed. So by midnight I am usually wide awake. It's also important to note that Mia has me wrapped around her little finger. And when I hear her sad, pathetic little whimper, I go running. Without fail I sweep her up, bring her to our room, nurse her and suddenly we have a third person joining us for the rest of the night. This has gone on for 11 months. It's obvious that Mia's not waking up because she's hungry, she is waking up because she knows that I will come and get her. I caused this problem. And last night, I did something about it.

I let her cry it out.

Like clockwork, it was 12:07 AM when it all went down. I knew that if I left the monitor on it would only make it worse! So I turned it off and tried to be lulled to sleep by the sound of my daughter's wail. I can't say for sure how long it went on for because somehow after abut twenty minutes I nodded off. I woke this morning, surprisingly alert, to the sound of Bella screaming down the hall, "Mommy, Mia's awake." I joined the girls in their bedroom for their first morning together. I noticed that Mia was not crying anymore. I also noticed that, shockingly, Mia was not dehydrated from her lack of milk the night before. I also noticed that Mia was more focused on playing with Bella than she was to see me. All I can say is, it felt right. It was her turn. Maybe, all this time it was me wanting more one on one time with Mia or maybe it was Mia wanting to spend time with me without a big sister over her shoulders. Either way, it's not easy letting go, but it is inevitable. Sweet Dreams Mia.


  1. OMG-- you have to tell me more about this magical thing-- did they sleep in the same room? Did Bella wake up when Mia cried? Jack has taken over our room, and we sleep in the living room every night like we are at a fifth grade slumber party and I miss my bed.

    Good for you, and they are so cute :)

  2. Sarah. You can do it. Regain your room. I can't tell you how great it was to sleep alone with Eugene again. I knew that if Bella woke up she would come and get me. I was using her as my indicator. She never woke up or if she did it didn't bother her enough to come and get me! Honestly, it was me who was afraid that Mia would wake Bella up. I didn't want to interrupt Bella's sleep. But now that I think about it Bella has been listening to Mia cry for a year, being in the same room shouldn't make a difference. And it didn't. Happy Birthday Sweet Jack!!!!



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