Monday, October 5, 2009

Comfort Zone

I finally feel like I have a grasp on our new routine these days. Summer is long gone and our new fall schedule has found its comfort zone. Bella loves her preschool. So far she has milked a goat, cut some wool from a sheep, rode a pony, made some friends and took the cutest school pictures ever! While Bella is off playing junior farmer, Mia is getting SHOWERED in personal attention. We call it Mommy-Mia time and she loves it. Every Tuesday and Thursday we do something a little different. Here's some highlights:

One good thing about school reopening--the park is ALWAYS empty. Score for us.

Enjoying some quiet time, coloring, at our local library.

Learning about pumpkins.

Singing her ABC's.

I recently joined a gym and I love it. About 4 times a week me and the girls head out to the "safari playground." You see, the gym that I joined has a really great kids program accompanied by a really cute kids room, which I'm sure is chalk full of really adorable germs. It looks like a big jungle. My kids actually think I'm doing them a favor by bringing them there. Hah! I love reverse psychology.

I haven't gone crazy with the workouts because I don't want to burn out too fast and give up, so 45 minutes on the eliptical is perfect. I end up burning about 450 calories--and that suits me just fine. Although, yesterday I wasn't too pleased with the provided entertainment. Just as I started my workout I looked up at the TV monitors overhead. On my left was Hannah Montana, lip syncing her misery and to my right was Paula Deen deep frying a stick of butter. TOTAL TORTURE!

While I'm very proud of my new exercise regime I find that I'm thoroughly wiped at about 7:30PM, which means we're continually trying new ways to get the girls just as tired as we are.

Like letting them tap themselves silly until they're legs are too wobbly to even walk.

Or nights when we're really desperate we let them run around the virtual block. Wii think it's a great idea! Hee. Hee.

And when all else fails, we put em' on our shoulders and bounce. Works like a charm.

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  1. I LOOOOOOOOVE the gym playroom, but it is a germfest for sure. So's preschool. Blech. Jack and I spend our mornings together, but not this week because Harry has fallen victim to the germs. LOVE the videos of you guys exhausting the kids-- very cute.



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