Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ooh....I'm a part of a mommy style blog. Pause for laughter.

Recently, I was asked by my friend Sarah to contribute to her new Mommy Style Blog. Isn't that exciting? A bunch of us mom's will write about all things fashionable. The blog is called All Kinds of Pretty and the tag line is Real Women. Real Bodies. Real Budgets. Isn't that awesome?! Since I barely have enough time to keep this blog up to date, expect duplicate posts. Sorry, kinda worn out over here.

In case the link didn't work, here's the address

Last night I made my very first post on the blog and here it is....

If The Shoe Fits

Remember that Cameron Diaz movie, In Her Shoes, where her sister Rose possesses a closet full of fancy schmancy shoes that she buys but never wears? Internet, meet Gina. I can't tell you how many times I've purchased a pair of shoes that I've fallen madly in love with to only have them collect dust. Literally.

Just last week I removed a pair of shoes that I thought were gray but after sneezing three times in a row two things occurred to me: I love shoes but lack the confidence needed to wear them and I should buy more swiffers.

Even with the countless number of shoes I have in my closet, I can narrow down an entire year of shoe fashion into two pairs of shoes:

From early fall to late, late winter, almost spring, EVERY SINGLE DAY you can find me wearing these

Brown and boring and rather homely looking Uggs. We're talking almost 120 days straight I wear these suckers, with NO SOCKS mind you! Did you just throw up a little in your mouth? Yeah, me too.

The moment the weather turns even remotely warmer (which was like two days ago) you can find me wearing these all the way until the afore mentioned fall

Red and plastic and rather average looking Crocs. Sure, I moved up from the Swiss cheese looking crocs from 2 years ago, but there's no denying it Gina, they're washable with soap.

But this is not to say that I can't appreciate a fine pair of shoes, oh no, I've got great taste in shoes, this I know. It's just that 9 out of 10 times I don't feel confident enough in my outfit to warrant wearing such a killer pair of shoes. I'm picturing those 4 inch stiletto leather cuties that I bought in Italy paired up with my super sexy navy track pants that actually make noise when I walk cuz my thighs are too close together. HAH!

So when I saw that runway fashion was sashaying it's way into retail, I definitely did a double take.

Christian Siriano, the season 4 winner of Project Runway, recently showed off his Spring/Summer collection during New York's fashion week. With artsy blues he wowed us with his creations

And just months later, AT OUR LOCAL PAYLESS STORES, we can find these

How cool is that? Not the shoes, mind you (cuz they are a tad akward, huh?) but the fact that high fashion can be available to us at reasonable prices? These pumps retail for $79.99, the highest sticker price in the history of Payless, but probably more on par with the average sticker price at say Nordstrom's or Macy's. I love when I see affordable fashion on the racks, or shelves in this case, even if I don't have the guts to wear it. Cuz honestly, don't you think that this shoe would feel the same as walking on a coffee can stilt? Which is why I'm actually eyeing his more toned-down version

also available at Payless. This is the perfect type of shoe to offer a little style and personality to any outfit. I say Bravo (no pun intended) to Christian Siriano for reaching out to those of us who would normally never see Bryant Park with every step we take. Now if only they were washable.


  1. You are so funny! Can't wait to check out All Kinds of Pretty!

  2. Just love reading what you write, my friend. Glad you'll be writing in two places now.
    And you SHOULD have the confidence to wear any of the trendy shoes. You have amazing fashion sense and you are beautiful. I've always thought so.



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