Monday, March 1, 2010

Pity Us

Have you ever been part of something so big, so strong that its almost difficult to describe? That pretty much sums up my 5 (gasp) years with the Bradley Speech Team. I mean, sure I could tell you that I was a part of a National Championship speech team....but that seems sorda boring and dorky huh? What I have difficulty describing was the tradition, the laughs, the moments, the parties, the tournaments and the friendships (and definitely the 90's bangs)

...and not to mention an awesome husband along the way.

Yeah, that's pretty difficult to put into words. So I won't. But know this--my years on the Bradley team are moments that I'll CHERISH FOREVER. Which is why, when asked to come back to coach for a weekend, I jumped at the chance.

I drove to Peoria with two things on my mind, Avanti's bread and Fedora's Turkey on Gourmet. Pregnant, much? The funny thing is I got none of those wishes but instead came home with memories more satisfying than food.

For example, the team is just the same as we were, just different names and different faces. They party as much as we did. They work as much as we did. And they want to win as much as we did.

We passed by familiar streets. With my roomate and longtime friend Jill in the car with me, we stopped at the house we called home for several years. We stared in silence as we both recounted in our minds the memories that filled our mostly happy home. Then we looked to our left at the Bourland Zoo, the house directly across the street from ours. Our memories weren't as clear this time, partly because ALL WE EVER DID in their house was party and steal their toilet paper. Hah. Take that Rob and Jeremy. Oh and by the way, sending the Mormons to our house was a low blow Rob. Dude, we would have replaced the toilet paper!

I reconnected with old friends and even made some new ones.

I finally met my little adopt-a-teammate Camille and couldn't be more excited for her and the success she's going to find on the Bradley Team.

At the end of the banquet we all stood up, clapped and chanted our traditional team song, "we are the Bradley team so pity us, we're up at 5 AM look hideous..." and although the verses were different and a whole other stanza was added, the feeling was exactly the same as it was 13 years ago, a feeling of undeniable determination. In about 30 days this team will head off to Nationals and prove to the country what Bradley is all about: truth, talent and heart.



  1. awww, gina, this looks like so much fun. i am so jealous. so jealous i can't manage to use the shift key on my computer and type in caps.

    looks like it was a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. Sometimes I wish I had gotten to spend more than a year with y'all. If it wasn't for BUST, I probably would've flunked out my freshman year. It was the only reason I went to classes.

    I have some great memories. And some hard ones too. I've changed so much since then. I hardly recognize that girl with the 90s bangs I once was.

    Glad it was a memorable, wonderful weekend.

  3. what are the lines to we are the bradley team so pity us? i would have never ever remembered that. wish i could have come. next year dammit!

  4. Looks like great moments in time here. I had a friend that went to Bradley as well.



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