Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mia and Mommy Time

I'm getting a little sentimental over here as we count down the days before the new birth. I am treasuring the little things more often than I normally do. It was the same way when Mia was born, I cherished every single second of my time with my "only" child. Well, it's happening again. Soon it will no longer be the four of us (and I know that it will be replaced with an even greater feeling) but still you can't help but hold on as tight as you can to what you know. So, to make these last few days even more special I thought it would be memorable if I spent some one-on-one time with the girls. We called it our "special date" and you wouldn't believe how excited they were about it!

And so was I.

I knew that for my date with Mia I was going to take her to the zoo, just her and I. This little girl loves the zoo so much that I knew it would be perfect.

I marveled at how peaceful the drive was with just her and I having conversation. Sadly, this rarely happens. There seems to always be an older sister hangin' around offering up her opinions :)

We talked about the baby in my belly. And I explained how the doctor was going to take the baby out and I'll have an "owwy." She understood. We talked about what songs she wanted to sing to the baby. And we talked about her becoming a big sister. And so on. I didn't spend too much time talking about it but just enough for it to really sink in--and I think it did.

We arrived at the zoo and was slapped in the face with a thick humidity cloud and about 90 degrees of sunshine. Uggh.

But it didn't stop us. This was our day. We spent a lot of time with the monkeys, since they always make her laugh.

She also got the biggest kick out of searching for the animal inside the habitat. Like this snake. She couldn't stop screaming snake and jumping up and down when she spotted it.

I love her innocence.

We shared some ice cream and cooled off for a moment.

After snapping this picture, I told her I loved her for probably the 45th time that day. And she reciprocated the gesture, like she always does.

We took off in search of the giraffes. I couldn't help but smile as I pushed the stroller as she belted out (as loud as she could) "giraffes, where are you?" And then when I let her "discover" them on her own as I pushed the stroller to the front of the fence, she started clapping and pointing, so proud of her discovery. In fact, she wanted to take pictures herself. And I gotta say, she didn't do half bad:

We ended our date with a trip on the carousel, where Mia proudly chose a frog to ride upon. And while the Limbo Rock blared on the speakers her and I giggled as we croaked like a toad every time it went up.

I got a little lump in my throat as I hauled her into the car, sad to see our flawless day come to an end. Soon, she will no longer be our baby! That bittersweet feeling was in my heart all day long. But it felt so right spending this time with her. I'm not really sure when I'll get the opportunity again (at least for awhile) so I am so thankful it worked out!

You just wait Baby're older sister Mia will always have your back! Either that or she's gonna kick the sh*t out of you, but not to worry, she means well.

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  1. So sweet!

    I think you are awesome for hauling her around the zoo on a muggy day 9 mos pregnant. MOTY for serious.



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