Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed-In, Part 2 Evening Edition

Exhausted is the perfect word choice to describe how I'm feeling right now. Which is weird because really, today wasn't that much different than any other Wednesday---but it's the thought of knowing that you're stuck in your home that heightens everyone's emotions. Okay, just mine.

So to pass the time we channeled our inner rock star and butterfly catcher

Bella shared some of her rock star tricks of the trade

And before I knew it Mia was j-j-j-jammin'

For two hours today, TWO WHOLE HOURS, all three kids napped. Which, btw, a three way nap is the greatest gift anyone can give to me. Let's see, I saw a random HGTV show, dozed off for about 20 minutes, and helped shovel with my dad (thanks Dad). 

After they woke, we donned our snow gear and headed outside. For a whole 15 minutes :)

And in that time I was pelted with snowballs about thirty times. 

Bella attempted a snow angel on a snow drift three feet thick

They begged, AGAIN, for me to make a snow fort. Seriously, what's up with a snow fort? They'll only last 20 minutes in it anyway. Can someone please explain that to them.

And after a cup of hot chocolate, a Dora episode, a warm dinner, and a kiss goodnight, my snow angels were fast asleep. 

Thank flippin' God.

Time to snuggle tight with Chance, good night and stay warm! 

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