Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Someone's got a new camera to tinker with, adios grainy iphotos!

So I left my cute lil' pink camera at the Vegas airport. No, that's not a set-up for a joke. Boy do I wish. As I stood up to board the plane after an awesome bachelorette weekend, I absent-mindedly left my camera on the bench. I'm still in mourning. Not so much that the camera was gone, but more about losing EVERY SINGLE PICTURE from the bachelorette party. Total bummer.

But, the upside is that I got a replacement. This time it's red. I'm so that margin of people who fall for the little things, like color. I once wanted to buy a Volkswagen solely because their interior dashboard lights were periwinkle. It pissed the shit out of Eugene--who spends HOURS researching products based on, oh I dunno, quality perhaps. 

Here's some of the pics that my brand-spankin new fire engine red camera produced:

Oh look, little Chance's eyes are sensitive to my shiny new flash

ahh, that's better.

Yesterday morning Bella decided to create a "kids store" on our couch. 

She organized the toys into sections. 

And made signs. 

She should work at the Gap. She's got some pretty rad merchandising skills. 

Until she told me that everything in her store was free. "FREE?" I said and promptly sat her down and had a lesson in economics. But still, she wouldn't budge. Everything was free. 

And if you act now, we'll even throw in a light blue stingray. 

I think this is what torture feels like to an 8 month old.

And then there's my Mia, who dresses up as someone different every day. Today she's a wandering nomad gypsy mother/Sleeping Beauty. 

Time to burp the baby.

Ummmm, bowl lids for lunch today.


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  1. I love kid stores! You can get the best deals! Or not, depending.

    Can't believe how big your boy is getting!



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