Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 Thumbs Up!

Looking back I realize that I've always really wanted to be a mom. I'm sure it could be traced back to my Cabbage Patch Kids and Pound Puppy days. Sidenote-my first Cabbage Patch was named Jacenth Mitzy. Jacenth? WTH? That name sucked! It ruined my Christmas when I had to explain to every family member that no, her name was not JASON it was JACENTH. Whatev, I gave up. By New Year's her new name was Mitzy and I hid the damn birth certificate.

But, I digress.

I've been collecting experiences and mistakes and memories and ideas and I've put them all in a little box in my head called motherhood. When we found out we were pregnant, I was ready and EXCITED! And then our first child was born. And it was my turn up to bat and I was scared shitless but I looked deep into my little box and knew I could do it. 

But what no book or magazine or advice could teach me was the type of impression my child was going to have on me. I didn't prepare myself for that. In fact, I'm still preparing myself for it because every day that passes my children impress me in new ways. For fairness sake, I should probably add that my kids also piss the shit outta me on a daily basis but for the most part I end the day impressed. 

Especially on this particular day. I opened Bella's folder and found that it was her turn to write a book report for the school hallway. A book report? In Kindergarten? Game on.

Her mission was to write a few sentences about her favorite book. With a grocery list a mile long, I put my husband in charge of her homework assignment and I took off. Eugene busted out his iphone and interviewed Bella about her favorite book. Then they sat at the computer together and transcribed her words into a report. Genius idea, huh? 

In her own words....

"The Giving Tree"

It's about a little boy and a tree who were friends because they did everything together. 
The boy grew older and the tree was all alone. 

The boy cut down everything from the tree. 
She was an old stump and said "come boy and sit down and rest." 

I liked this book because it taught me that as friendships get older they only need one thing: "sitting down and resting." 

And in "The Giving Tree" at the end, it was just the stump and 
you can sit down with her if you relax.

This little girl makes mothering easy.

And fun.
Which no doll could have prepared me for.


  1. Wow Gina, your girl is amazing. She just taught me something today!
    And I haven't thought about Pound Puppies in a long time!

  2. Best book review ever!

    My first cabbage patch was Ursula Carmel. Ugh. I felt obligated to keep her name for some reason, but I sure did hate it. I also had a Caldwell Norvel that was particularly bad, but the rest were normal-ish.

  3. Bella for the of my favorite books too! Also your mom rocks! She is a great mom!

    Gina for the first cabbage patch came from Germany...yes her birth cert was in german so I have no f'n clue what her real name is.



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