Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 18, 2012

I untangled my headphones, stepped on the treadmill and began pressing every button trying to figure out how to make the damn thing start. After tinkering for awhile, it asked me to enter my age. I smiled. Which believe me, isn't my usual response when someone asks my age. But today was different, today was my birthday. And there's something about this particular birthday that has me smiling from ear-to-ear.

I'm happy, that's why.

I'm happy that I've lived 37 pretty awesome years. I'm happy that each one of those years has been filled with mistakes that I've learned from, experiences that I've gained and memories that I'll cherish. I've been doing that a lot lately, really looking back at the past. And while most of it can be described as one big Larry David-esque embarassment--I'm happy. Like, really happy.

For one, the love that Eugene and I have for eachother is the single most precious thing I own. I mean, yeah, my kids are great and all but dude, you should see our love. It's storybook. We dream together. We live for what's in store and have such a strong vision for our future together. And even though his work has him traveling all the time, there is no place that I'd rather be than with him. Still.

And my kids, oh man, my kids. I love being a mom and always knew I was destined to do this, but being their mom? That's what feels so darn great. They are such amazing kids and they make every day worth it. Even the shitty, whiny parts of the day are only minutes away from a laugh, or a tickle or a hug reminding us all that we're unconditionally loved. My children make me insanely happy.  Being their leader, their teacher, their mother--well, it's a perfect way to spend my days.

For my birthday Eugene and the girls gave me a day of complete and total escape.

Inside the sweetest card, was an excel spreadsheet of all the movies playing at our local movie theatre, the times that they were playing and the corresponding Rotten Tomatoes score for the movie. Get this, I saw four movies in a row! I literally spent the entire day at the movie theatre! From 12 in the afternoon to 12 at night, I forgot about the diapers, and the tantrums and let myself get lost in the movies. And the popcorn. And the refills.

Here was my line-up Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal, The Descendents, We Bought a Zoo and Young Adult.

What a unique idea, huh? And while I'll always remember this birthday as the "all-day movie marathon," I can't forget the scavenger hunt that Bella made me endure to locate her homemade birthday card. Or the way Chance smiled as he tried to blow out the candles. Or when Mia woke up--her eyes barely open and with her familiar husky morning voice, serenaded me with the Happy Birthday song.

Because friends, happy it was!


  1. Girl. That is the best birthday present I've EVER heard of. Cannot believe you didn't find somewhere to play you "Dangerous Liaisons" on the big screen but your choices are awesome too!! :)

    I love that you're happy. That makes me happy!! And you're just gorgeous so that's you know, a bonus. :) Hope this is your best year yet!!

  2. What a fantastic day for you - and totally and completely deserved.

  3. You paid for all the movies right?? LOL- I am glad you had a special day. You deserve every minute.

  4. I'm totally stealing your idea for my b-day. Loved this blog entry!! And happy 37th to you!!! Yay to you and your awesome husband and kiddos for giving you such a precious entire day off from being mom! Awesome.

  5. Thanks ladies! It really was an escape. I HIGHLY recommend it!



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