Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Surely, she's Shirley.

You guys, help!

 I'm smackdab in the midst of a widespread foam curler epidemic.

And it's all because of her. 

Well, to be exact, it's actually all because of HER:

Shirley Temple. The girl, not the drink.

You see, Fridays are family movie nights around here and this past Friday it was my choice. So I chose an oldie but goodie, Heidi starring Shirley Temple. 

Forget about BlueRay and HD, we got all retro up in here cuz the movie was black and white. 

Which annoyed the heck out of Bella. 

But mom, her face is gray! 
And look mom, the grass is dark gray.  Why is the grass gray mom? 
And the sky is kinda awkward, because it's like a lightish gray mommmm!!!

I was 'this close' to turning it off cuz I couldn't handle any more of her monochromatic sarcasm, when Shirley Temple entered the screen and all traces of dissapproval were vanished the moment she started singing.

Bella was enthralled. But Mia? Holy shit ya'll, Mia was obsessed. 

Like, freaky-bulgy "I wanna be you and I wanna dress like you and I wanna dance like you and I wanna have curly hair like you and I wanna sing like you" eyes.

I've seen this look before--like her Rapunzel phase or her Cinderella phase or her Pippi Longstocking phase or her most recent Cindy Lou Who phase.

And I knew what was to come. 

First it was the hair. She wanted curly hair. So, like any good mother would, we put some foam curlers in her hair (leftover from Bella's Little Orphan Annie phase) and sent her to bed. 

When we took the curlers out of her hair Saturday morning, Mia almost fell over with excitement. 

And would henceforth be known as Shirley. Shirley Temple.

So, of course, we proceeded to spend Saturday looking at YouTube videos of Shirley Temple, ya know, adding fuel to the fire.

 And then both Bella and Mia couldn't stop singing some of the songs. So, of course, I bought some songs from iTunes. 

Dude, it was like a bonfire now.

Someone please throw me a life raft because I have been stuck on this GOD FORSAKEN GOODSHIP LOLLIPOP FOR DAYS!

And Monday night sure enough "Shirley" asked if she could go to school as Shirley.

How could I refuse? 


  1. Not even a month a ago ... perhaps two weeks, Christopher and I saw the informercial of Shirley Temple's movie collection. We pondered over if the kids would like it. He sided with the "yes" camp; especially for Mia. I didn't agree. Exactly what Bella thought about the B&W was my arguement. But, my intuitive husband was sooooo on the money. Good luck with that one, sista. I've seen her "angry" dance and I can't wait for her "Shirley" dance. That girl is going to have more personalities that Sybil.

    Missing you guys, Christine

  2. You gotta show them The Little Princess, if you haven't already. I always thought the scene where she goes to sleep in the attic as an orphan and awakes in a lavish room filled with food magical (mainly because I wanted to wake up in a room already filled with food). Still my favorite Shirley Temple movie to this day. SUPER adorable photos, btw.



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