Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Verdict

Of all the things Bella could have inherited from me, poor girl got my indecisive gene. Sorry for ya Bella, it's a bummer on this side. Or is it? I'm still not sure. Maybe... 

Girlfriend has spent the past month hemming and hawing over what to purchase with her American Girl gift certificate. Browsing the website every day after school, clicking the pictures, zooming-in and even checking customer comments. I mean it's been a HUGE deal in her limited little world. 

First, she wanted to get a pet for Kanani. Then it was an umbrella. Then it was a teeny tiny tea set. Until finally she decided on getting her a musical instrument. 


But which one?


She spent an entire week internally debating over whether Kanani was born to play the flute or destined for the violin. Like it would come up randomly in her conversation, "so the bus ride to school was super fun today and my teacher wore a red shirt and I think maybe Kanani's lips are too chapped to play the flute, what do you think Mommy?" 

Or the ever popular, (with a smile and a slight little head tilt) "Mommy, you used to play the flute, maybe you'd know what's best for her."

Uh-uh. No way, sister. Don't loop me into your little game. Cuz if you're asking for my opionion I'll be happy to inform you that both instruments are PLASTIC and that NEITHER will produce any sound and will BARELY even fit into Kanani's hand--but instead I bit my lip and let her work through her creative process, knowing at some point sister's gonna have to make a choice.

But seriously, stab me in the ears people. 

And then one morning, sure enough, Bella woke up and informed the family that 
Kanani wants to play the violin. 


And without even giving her a moment to second guess herself, I rushed to the computer and in about 34 seconds that gift certificate was wiped clean and the order was placed. Which, hot damn, that felt good. But as soon as I could relish the silence, the whole "when will the package get here Mommy? Is it here? Is that it? That's it! Out in the yard, that must be it!!" started and I knew I was doomed for another week.

Should've paid priority.

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