Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pretty in Pink: A 4th Birthday Story

Did you know that the color pink stimulates energy? Yep, sure does. It also increases blood pressure, heartbeat and pulse rate, much like my daughter Mia does. Which is why it came as no shock when Mia told me she wanted a pink birthday party. Pink. Pink. Everything Pink.

There's a childrens book called Pinkalicious, in which a precocious little girl turns pink because she ate too many pink cupcakes. It's a really cute story actually. So cute in fact, that they made a musical about it. And it was playing in Chicago. During Mia's birthday. Cue the choir of angels.

To add to the Pinkalicious flair, we went pink dress shopping and both girls got to pick out a new pink party dress for Mia's 4th birthday party. Mia was in LOVE with her dress. I can't even begin to describe the disagreements we've had this past week because EVERY SINGLE MORNING she wanted to wear her party dress to school. It was brutal.

So you could only imagine how happy she was when the big day finally arrived. We woke up with just enough time to eat a quick breakfast and begin primping. The show started at 10AM so my mom and sister arrived early so that we could all get pinkified.

And of course, Eugene snapped away....

Isn't her feathered tiara cute? Thanks Nana!

Love the picture. But the stuffed baby chimp? Creepy.

The five of us girls, dressed in pink

headed to the "big, fancy city" to see the show. 

A fancy schmancy Nana. 

Bella kept turning her head right and left, just so she could feel 
the weight of her clip-on earrings dangle. She's getting so big. And so mature. Uggh.

Not sure where you would store your magic wand, but Mia sure figured out a way. 
Jeez, that cracks me up.

This next picture is so precious to me because even though her dress was two feet off the ground, she lifted the sides of it like a lady--everytime she went up or down a set of stairs.

Years from now when I want to revisit the memories of my childrens' birthdays, this what I'll remember about today. You guys, she was SO fancy.

The play was really cute. It was an hour long with no intermission and timed perfectly. As we exited the theatre singing along to the snappy tune "Pinkalicious" we were greeted by the cast who not only sang Happy Birthday to Mia

but autographed our very own book!

We left the "theatah" and headed home for even more pinktastic birthday fun!

While we were gone, Daddy was busy cooking up the perfect 4 year old feast.

The dining room was plastered in pink. Sidenote, the color pink encourages friendliness while discouraging agression and ill-will. I tried to remind the kids of that as we all sat down for a stress free-cross your fingers-no fights-birthday luncheon.

Eugene encouraged friendliness when he served up the first course.
What 4 year old wouldn't like to start their lunch with strawberry gelato?

Next up, homemade pizza. Two kinds, margherita and green apple bianca (3 cheeses).
It was delicious!

Mia also requested Spaghetti Carbonara (our kids favorite) and Spaghetti Arribiatta.
Noodles on your birthday mean long life according to Filipino tradition!

As each course came out we all exchanged our favorite Mia stories. Some newer stories, some older stories, but each story was filled with love and laughter.

And then my heart began gushing when I caught this moment on camera. 

As I watched her, I noticed how independent she is. She knows what she wants when she wants it. A trait I admire, actually, since I am the world's most indecisive person. 
Another pink fact--the color encourages confidence. 

Something Miss Thang has plenty of.

Then Eugene brought out our final course, ribeye steak with peppercorn sauce, roasted tomatoes and roasted potatoes.

And for the kiddos, filet mignon, WITHOUT the pepper. Pansies.

With our bellies full, we adjusted our pants and found some room for some pinkariffic cake. Thanks Gabe!

We sang to her. 

And she loved every second of it.

They also say that pink is the color of happiness. I couldn't agree more. 

Happy 4th Birthday Mama Mia!


  1. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! Looks and sounds like the most perfect day! Happy Birthday Miss Mia!

  2. in my next life, i'm coming back as your and eugene's child. i will weigh 400 pounds, but we will laugh no one will care. that is all.



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