Thursday, May 24, 2012


I can think of several things that may have been better than taking three kids under the age of 6 mini golfing. All of which cause slow and steady excrutiating pain.  

The first hole was cute. And family friendly. As seen below, we were all having a jolly, great time as we listened to the rules, waited patiently for eachother's turn, and sure as shit even encouraged one another.   

I remember sharing a couple glances with my husband, alerting eachother with a smile that says yes indeedy, we love our family and that this may just be the best Friday Family Fun Night Ever! 

However, my adoring glance toward my husband was interruped by a bone crushing 
whack to the knee. 


The fondness for mini-golf lasted two, maybe three holes.  Mia moaned that it wasn't fancy enough and outright refused to hit the ball. Chance made a beeline north towards the pirate bridge like 14 times and poor Bella, who surprisingly enjoyed it, was forced to rush through all 18 holes. Remind me to take her there on our next date together. She's actually got some pretty good aim.

Chance found it just as enjoyable to drop the ball in the hole.  Sooooo.... we watched him drop the ball into the hole over and over and-areyoufreakin'kiddingmekid- over again.

They cared more about the gushing water fountains and the miniature castles, which yeah--come to think of it, to a 6 and under child, that must be pretty badass.  

I swear Mia would have paid rent to live in one of those castles, either that or barter her way into one. 

Though I'm not too sure what she'd offer them, unless of course the golf management is looking for a part-time Whiner McWhinerson. Which in that case? Hired. 

I'll even provide a referral.

The key is not having any expectations. After getting the clubs and laughing when the attendant handed  us a score card--AS IF, we knew what we were in store for. And in the end, we actually had a fun time. Now, had there been any other families on the course, it would have been my worst nightmare. So I recommend going when NO ONE ELSE is around. 

For safety reasons, of course.

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  1. The fact that Chance is old enough to play mini golf is baffling to me. But I love this, you are seriously funny Gina!



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