Friday, May 18, 2012

Big Man On Campus!

My "feed Bella-finish homework-pack snack-brush hair-match socks-wait for bus-place child on bus-wave to child on bus" routine just got five more minutes added to it. Can you hear that? Oh, don't worry, that's just the sound of me BANGING MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALL.

Chance, in his very best non-verbal communication skills, has made it crystal clear that he wants to be included in every aspect of this already rushed and chaotic schedule. Every single day.

I'll admit, most days it's a pain in the ass. He wants his shoes on. He wants to wear a backpack. He wants to carry a jacket. It's especially frustrating on those days when he leaves me a secret present in his diaper RIGHT at the moment we are all packed and ready to go outside--making me quadruple the speed at which I change, gag, wipe and re-dress him. All for a moment to look and act like his big sister. Which, okay, I'll admit is also freakin' adorable. But still.

Today though, I was wearing my soft spot, apparently on my sleeve because when he gestured for me to get his backpack, I instantly got choked up. He wants so badly to be included, and we make it a rule that no matter what the girls are doing, Chance has to be right there with them. There is no exclusion in our home. Which I'm sure annoys the girls sometimes, but look at the effect it's having. He admires them so much and it has made their bond that much better.

Despite his pint-size stature, he repeats everything that the girls do and even tries 
to outdo them sometimes. Which, yeah, isn't always safe and or smart, but this is how he's learning.

My mom-dar went off immediately once I saw this picture. 
Isn't it just the cutest picture ever?

Bella's bus driver is quite literally THE SWEETEST PERSON ON EARTH because every day she too includes Chance into this new ritual. 

He gets to walk up the steps on his own, like Bella. Turn around and wave by himself, just like Bella.

 And her kind heart and enthusiasm never waivers. No doubt this puts her route behind a minute or two, but she still encourages it, making him the happiest boy. 

And me the proudest Mama.

And then she pulls away. And immediately Chance loses his shit. I'll then proceed to spend the next ten minutes calming him down and distracting him with some sort of bullshit Thomas the Train story.

Worth it?

You betcha!

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