Monday, May 14, 2012

The best, Mommy!

Let this go down as one of the greatest Mother's Day EVER. Well technically, I've only had 6 of them, but dammit this one was best. At 6:30 this morning while I lay peacefully sleeping, I was tapped awake by Bella, who in my foggy one eyed stare I could tell was not only smiling from cheek-to-cheek but also holding two things in her hand.

Her homemade Kindergarten Mother's Day gift and card.

Instantly my heart was filled with love. She remembered. She woke up on her own, recognized the significance of the day and while the rest of the family slept she retrieved her Mother's Day gift that she very "cleverly" hid behind the family room curtains.

Man, this girl knows how to love.

My gut says that this excitement to give me homemade gifts will probably end some time when she's 11 so I'm going to soak. it. in! And how could I not when she presents me with this super cute, super orginal fancy new purse.

My favortie part of our moment together was when she very specifically explained that there was an imaginary comma and it should be read  you are the best (pause) Mommy. Not  you are the best Mommy. 

Oh, bless my heart, her words have her own little emphasis. And she knows what a comma is! Right on!

We held eachother and snuggled for about three great minutes. Just enough time for me to register the amont of happiness I was feeling. And then it multiplied by four when the rest of the family woke up. There's something about this day that's different than the other 364 days. There's a different feeling of adoration I have towards my family--it's hard to explain but it's something I feel, just major pride at being their mom.

Eugene snuck all three kids out of our room and let me sleep in a little late. About thirty minutes later they all arrived with BREAKFAST IN BED!

Here was their menu, croissants filled with Nutella and some with orange marmalade, a delicious strawberry smoothie in the "special" cup and and egg omelette accompanied with a fresh flower garnish. It was beyond cute. The five of us enjoyed our breakfast and the kids were blown away by the coolness factor of a location change! I always forget that trick, eat somewhere in an unexpected location and they'll go bonkers.

I think Chance is under Mia. Doh!

But he didn't mind! 

We laughed and dog piled eachother for a good half hour. 

The rest of my day was perfect too. Sunday mass, a great luncheon with my family and some children-free shopping time with my sister, dad and mom----perfection!

What was your Mother's Day like? What was your favorite moment? 

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  1. This is so sweet...what a great way to start your Mother's Day. I love that drawing...adorable! My kids could take a lesson from yours though...I got Cheerios and a day old brownie!



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