Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Taking three kids to the beach FINALLY doesn't totally suck.

In the past 6 years it seems like every time we ventured to the beach at least one of my kids was in the "OOOH LOOK, SAND, I THINK I'LL EAT IT OR THROW IT OR GIVE MOM'S HAIR SOME PIXIE DUST" stage

And let me tell ya, it's the mother grubbin' worst!!!

Almost enough to not take them.

But cue the choir of angels because today we actually had an awesome time at the beach. All five of us packed up and headed an hour east to the Indiana Dunes.

And since the satellite picture of our life clearly shows that our kids haven't had enough beach experiences, we decided we'd stay as long as the kids would like.

Which in their case meant closing time because they couldn't dare stop themelves from
having the best! time! of! their! lives!

Eugene even took the girls up the HUGE dune and all three of them ran down. If you haven't seen a Lake Michigan dune, they're huge. Like to a three foot person, it's for sure Mt. Everest.

They laughed and screamed the whole way down.

Not only were the kids in their own little world, digging, patting, filling, laughing and swimming but Eugene and I took turns taking beach naps. I repeat---BEACH NAPS! It was heavenly. I finally understand why people love being near a beach.

I'll tell ya, it's therapeutic. So many times I found myself just staring out at the water, while unconsciusly running my fingers through the sand, burying my hand in the sand or patting the sand. 

Case in point, you'd never know it, but my entire foot is buried in here:

What am I twelve?
I sat and talked with Eugene about topics we'd NEVER have the time to discuss while at home. Dreams about our future and what color our next kitchen will be. These talks reminded me of our 20-something days, where we'd spend HOURS talking about "what-ifs." What if this love we're feeling is real....what if we got married....what if we had kids... 

Speaking of, we watched our kids with a sort of ease that doesn't normally come on a summer outing. Nobody was upset. Nobody was stubborn.

We were all perfectly contained in our little square on the beach for hours and hours. 
It really was a perfect family day!

Sugar cookies, in case you were wondering.

Summer 2012

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