Sunday, August 19, 2012

Movie Under the Stars

Let me shout from the rooftops, "THIS WAS THE BEST DAMN SUMMER EVER."

Because, it really was. Late nights, sunscreen, watermelon, I could go on: swimming, dancing, lemonade--all the ingredients that made our summer perfect.

But just when we were getting a little too used to our carefree schedule, lazy mornings and playing until we're dirty-- ding! our summer timer went off, reminding us that the end is near.

But over here, we go out with a bang.

This past Friday we bid farewell to our favorite summer by hosting a "Movie Under the Stars" backyard party and invited all our friends and family, and the girls' school friends and their families.

We were giddy all week planning. In fact, watching my kids help party plan was so adorable. They had a say in every decision that we made, from decorations to which candy is most preferred--they were a part of it. This was their party.

Bella even painted a huge banner--after a little lesson in proportions and letter spacing, homegirl was ret-to-go but get this, she went back and forth for several days debating over whether her sign should say "so long summer" or "farewell summer." I mean, tough choices, huh?

Movie choice was another HUGE debate in our household. First it was Toy Story 3, then it was The Lorax both really good choices, but then in a moment of brilliance I thought about  The Muppets. 
Talk about a win-win. All us parents got a little mushy over reliving our childhood through the Rainbow Connection and all our children got to laugh along with Fozzie and the was full circle in oh so many ways.

After rescheduling because of thunderstorms the day before, we couldn't have asked for better weather. Picture perfect sunshine all day long that dried the grass and warmed us all.

The candles were glowing and the tiki torches were lit. At dusk, families descended on our yard, chairs and blankets and cookies in hand.

What movie party wouldn't be complete without freshly popped popcorn?  And we had plenty!

We even had a Popcorn Bar where guests could add some of their favorite snacks to their popcorn boxes. Which btw, THE KIDS LOVED. Okay, so did I. Have you ever tried M&M's with popcorn? Delish!

I scored those little chalkboard tin pails from the $1 bin at Target!

The crisp cool night air was perfect sweatshirt weather, befitting to our summer departure, we all glimpsed Autumn right around the corner and gathered together for a final farewell.

Looking out seeing a sea of neon glow sticks and glow necklaces being twirled and tossed around made me so happy, knowing that these moments, here and now, are defining my kids' childhood. That they'll look back and see that we really do know how to have fun. I swear, we do.

For a moment, I wanted so badly to get all the moms together and gab about the upcoming school year or gossip about the Real Housewives or coerce all the adults into a round of drinking games. But had that happened, then it would have taken away from the real spirit of the night--which was families huddling together as their own unit, cuddling under the blankets, sharing their popcorn, and enjoying these last minutes of freedom, together.

 I looked out and saw 10 or more families in our yard and I felt so grateful to be a part of a community that cares about their families as much as we do.

We're all on this journey of parenthood together, why not make the very most of it, right?

This picture might have been cute had Amy Adams not stole our spotlight!

Way past their bedtime, my kids fought off exhaustion running solely on sugar fumes and finally secumbed to their pajama's. As I pulled up their blankets and kissed them goodnight Bella waved me in closer and whispered in my ear, "look Mommy, I crossed off the last of our summer list."

I glanced to the closet door, the one that has safeguarded our summer list for these past three months and sure enough, there in white chalk, she checked off "look at stars."

And my heart lit up all over again.

Farewell Summer

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