Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disconnected, in more ways than one.

Hey friends. My back hurts right about now, what about you? It has been the third day in a row that I have been going NONSTOP from morning wake-up to evening bed-time yet I can't even tell you what I've constructively accomplished other than the daily dishes and 1.5 loads of laundry which still leaves a Mt.Everest size pile waiting for me. Ugghh, laundry, it never ends does it? I swear it would be the one thing I could magically take off my plate if I could.

Anyway. My dinosaur of an iphone FINALLY made its last call. How the hell this phone made it past 3 years with the way my kids and I use it is beyond me. But here's the problem. I ordered my new iphone last week--which was going to take 2 weeks for delivery. No problemo I thought. Surely my bagphone iphone will make it 2 more weeks. Not a chance.

Long, long, boring story short---I waited in the godforsaken Mac line at the mall with 2 hungry kids for what seemed like an eternity and sure enough I got the new iphone. Yay! But then I came home and found that my husband replaced all of my restored contacts with his contacts and now my new phone has about 500 educational contacts loaded into my phone and the only mother grubbing way to remove them is MANUALLY. ONE BY ONE. 

Siri, SUCK IT!!!!!

And when I literally told Siri to suck it, this was her response:

"I don't know what you mean by 'Suck it Siri'. How about a web search for it."

Okay, techno rant is over.  

On to happy things, like my super duper big boy Chance going to his first ever dentist appointment!!

It was such a sentimental moment for me. For one, this was his first time really having to sit and listen to someone other than family, and seeing him (or any of my children) react to a new environment or situation is so much fun. It's a mama thing. But you guys,  he was such a good boy and did everything he was asked to and was very cautious and I don't know, it just made me proud.

that is a mirror reflection btw,  I too did a double-take

The dental assistant informed me that he has a brand new molar that just popped through. And for the life of me, I couldn't believe that I completely discounted that. I think somewhere along the 2nd birthday I began to categorize him as a big boy and NEVER ONCE thought about teething at 26 months. DUH! Well, gee, that would explain his strange eating habits, or lack there of for the past 2 weeks. Shit, you really think I'd learn after three kids :)

And he has three more that still need to make their way out. 

Which, I'll try to keep in mind when he's a little crabby or fussy with food.

Sidenote-- I've just stared at the above picture for about a solid five minutes now. Thinking how much I love him. Thinking about how grateful I am that he and I have some quality one-on-one time now that the girls are in school. Thinking how unique he looks with his beautiful red hair, deep brown eyes and infectious smile.

This year will be special for he and I. I have big plans for us--which mainly include spending the minutes between 8:45 and 11:45 M-F kissing, hugging, laughing and learning. 

He'll go to preschool next year and I'm sure he'll love it. 

But this year, it's us baby! 

And on that note I just asked Siri, "is it possible to love your children too much?"

and she replied, "I'm thinking about it. How about I do a web search"

Not really necessary.


  1. Love this! Chance is so handsome. Delilah is just now working out her 1st tooth at 9 months.

  2. Look at him in that button down shirt...and to think that people say boys are no fun to dress!



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