Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mia's 1st Day of 4K!

We celebrated Mia's first day of school this morning and I tried my best to show the same amount of enthusiasm as we showed Bella 2.5 weeks ago. They keep count, these kids. I've already dealt with Bella complaining that she only got pancakes with the #1 for first grade, while Mia "got her name and an s and a t and a 4 and a k Mommmmm!!"

Oh, gag me. Sibling rivalry makes me nutty.

But back to the sweetness and happiness that is this day, the first day of Mia's 4k preschool.

She mentioned last night she was nervous and happy. But this year is different, she's got experience under her belt and sure enough, she woke up more excited than ever to go to school.

We didn't even fight about her outfit! In fact, the outfit gloriously stayed the same as the one we picked out last night! See, usually what we pick out the night before and what she actually ends up wearing is sometimes two completely different outfits. She's got a knack for throwing a curveball at the last minute or in her case, a fashion fit. Not today though.

She shimmied into her dress and shook her tooshy as she brushed her teeth. She spun around in circles once her backpack was on and I knew her enthusiasm was genuine. She wasn't sad or nervous or remotely apprehensive.

Girl was ready!

And before I even had a chance to tear up in the dropoff lane, she gave me the biggest neck hug from behind, jumped out of the car and bolted for the door. I even drove away REALLY slow so I can catch her eye contact if she turned around.

But she never looked back.

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  1. You are killing me with that chalkboard sign! Chalkboard is my love language and I have to know the details!



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