Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Vegas I Do!

NaBloPoMo?? Hah!Did I really think I was going to post daily? I'm terrible! I went to Vegas for a long weekend and sure enough got completely behind on posting. Once I returned I got so caught up in catching up that writing was the very last thing I thought of.

I had a good five day run there, though.

Last weekend, Eugene and I went to Vegas for Wendi and Jeremy's Wedding.

It was on 10-11-12. Pretty damn cool, huh? 

Finally, a decent picture of the two of us!!

It was great catching up with college friends again.

Taken at the Chandelier Bar, which OMG-- it's a three story chandelier. AMAZING!

I was terribble at taking pictures though. Their ceremony was so sweet and I was too busy weeping at all the cuteness to document any of it. I've watched Wendi and Jeremy grow so much over the last 13 years and to celebrate the most important part of their relationship was truly special.

My college roomate and dear friend Carrie, a Rockstar in every sense.

This girl has taught me SO much. 

And to laugh with my boys again wasn't too shabby either!

There came a point though, when Ed and I had a shoe up our ass.

And in true Vegas fashion, we all got tattoos.

Seeing Wendi's family again reminded me of how much I adore them. It's crazy to me how time can pass and I won't see someone for years--but that moment I reconnect it's as if NO TIME has passed at all. As if time and distance never even mattered because the connection I once shared was so authentic, nothing can take it away.

I felt that SO many times this past weekend with my friends and with her family. I'm so happy that I went.

And I'm so happy for Wendi and Jeremy. Here's to many, many more years to come!!


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