Sunday, October 7, 2012

Let's Bowl Tonight

Every Friday evening we like to have some sort of family fun. Sometimes it's family movie night or sometimes, like tonight, it's family fun night.

So we went bowling. Cue the Grease 2 music.

We had a blast. In fact, I think I'll always bowl with the bumpers up. It's surprising how well you can do when there are no gutters!

The only arguing that occurred was when Chance and Mia fought over who was in charge of 
"Mission Control" and Mia wasn't budging. It was rather obnoxious. She kept explaining to him that she was in charge of communication! Hah! I swear that was a Backyardigans episode.

And Macho Man Chance refused to let anyone help him carry the ball.

And consequently almost took off his head a couple of times.

But he did it! Btw, the ramp? Totally awesome.

Unless your Mia, who ditched the ramp a couple of times and literally gave her bowling ball the SLOWEST push imaginable.

It took 5 minutes for the ball to make it to the pins. Look! It's still not even there yet!
Then I turned around and caught Bella letting her hair sway in the fan and 
couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Here's how Chance reacted every single time it was his turn.




Victory Dance!

But don't let that red headed grin fool you. He LOST HIS SHIT when we had to take off his bowling shoes. He loved them! And I gotta say, they're totally cute on him, they were velcro and easy and would match every outfit. 

Hmmm....time for a little web search!

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