Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Better Half and a Tribute to Papa

Rather than list about 300 different things that I simpy adore about Eugene, today I want to focus on what an amazing father he is.

I remember back in college, way before we even dated, in front of a group of people I told him what an awesome dad I thought he'd be one day. Little did I know then, that it would be our kids he'd father. Hah! My baby's daddy!!

He's got way more patience then I'll ever have and always puts his kids first. Parent teacher conferences, daddy-daughter events and special outings gets put on the calendar MONTHS before he schedules anything for his work. And let's face it, his work is crazy, hella busy. As a co-founder of a company he's always working, always traveling, always has something going on. And while yes, its hard that he's away, he makes sure that our kids know how unconditional his love really is.

Case in point, his dry erase message that adorned our refrigerator the morning he left.

So when he discovered last month that a very important presentation (that only he could give) coincided with Mia's Father's night at school, he was devastated. I could tell his heart sank knowing that he'd have no other choice but to miss Mia's special night.

When he sat down to confess to Mia, he instinctively turned it into a positive. He thanked her for how much fun he had last year at Father's night and that this year he'd like someone else to share in the fun. He encouraged Mia to invite her Papa (my Dad) and to let him feel as special as he felt last year.

He's a frickin' genius that guy. Rather than walk away feeling bad about her dad, Mia walked away proud and excited to invite Papa.

And proud she was.....

Actually, I'm not sure who was more excited, Mia or my Dad. Like a true gentleman, he arrived baring a gift for his beautiful date (and I can't deny it I got choked up a bit). I swear, I think he got a car wash too but I didn't have the heart to question all his awesomeness. 

As always, my sister totally rocks. She perfected the quintessential up-do for little Mia which allowed her new fancy schmancy butterfly necklace from Papa really stand out!

Seeing my dad and my little girl in this moment was so touching.

Knowing that Eugene was probably feeling a little sad he wasn't here, I shot this video that melts my ever lovin' heart. She doesn't even call it Father's Night she calls it Papa's night. 

You did good Eugene, like you always do.

As they were about to leave, Mia proceeded to drape her dress coat over her shoulders because "that's the way fancy ladies wear it" which she'll say confidently to anyone who asks. Hand in hand, Papa walked her to his car making his granddaughter feel like a million bucks and they proceeded to have a fantastic evening at "Papa's Night."

I gotta say between my dad and Eugene, I'm one lucky girl.


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  1. And now you've melted my heart into a little puddle. Right there on the floor. Do you see it? Do you see what you did???

    Seriously, Eugene sounds awesome. Wish I'd known him during my time at BU.



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