Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Never, ever, ever. Like. EVER!

Our weekend went a little something like this. Friday Family Movie night on the couch sans Dad but luckily with a very pregnant and very tired mom. We watched Wreck it Ralph. Again. Mia wants a Wreck it Ralph birthday party so we're all Sugar Rushed up in here getting ready for it.

Pre-bed time when I should have been reading to them, we instead busted a move to Taylor Swift's annoying yet highly addictive whine song. Remember when I mentioned that our favorite pop music is like 6 months behind the trend, yep, here's yet another example.

My kids are in LOVE with this song. And truth be told, I can't help but sing my face off too when we crank up the volume.

Saturday morning Eugene returned from Hawaii (I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous. I'm totally jealous.) When I told my friend that he sent me a picture of the palm trees and the beach and admitted that it wasn't the same there without me, she encouraged me to send a picture of Chance's shitty diaper and tell him that it's just not the same here without him!!!

But, I'll spare you the picture.

Nope, Super Dad came home and wanted to treat the kids to Chuck E. Cheese since he was gone for so long. Seriously, WTH? That may be treating the kids but that makes my helluva week even worse. Chuck E. mother grubbing Cheese on a Saturday night is TORTURE. The smell of soiled diapers and greed surrounded me.

From the wilted salad bar to the baby throwing up on the floor as her mom held her face forward and DIDNT EVEN KNOW SHE BARFED made this preggo wanna run for the hills. But the kids loved every second of it.


Our Sunday was spent prepping for the baby. Mia and Chance are having way too much fun with all the baby equipment that has resurfaced around here.

I'm so excited to see how much our dynamics are about to change.

Chance, bless his heart, sings to my belly every morning. Granted, it's a song about his favorite word, buttfish, but I just know his intentions are good :) He's genuinely excited about having a brother. He's going through such a transition right now---a good one. He's getting tons of attention and lovin every bit of it, which makes me happy since I know bringing home another baby might be hard for him. My little guy is such a mama's boy. I never could have imagined how special having a boy would feel.

He has stretched my heart more than I ever thought it could. 

He's practicing by mothering his dinosaurs, which just woke from their bassinet nap, obviously.

It's making me sappy seeing him grow and say complete sentences and just knowing that he won't be the baby of the family anymore is a tad bit heartbreaking. Since I'm on the subject of sappiness, Eugene brought Bella home some Hawaiian sandal WEDGES! I almost passed out when she put them on. They were on for a minute before she proclaimed she needed to put on a long dress, a necklace and begged me for a pedicure. My heart ached.

Having a new little baby is just what this mama needs right now.

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